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Finger Food (12)

Friday… have to say finally.. pretty strange and sort of hard week, since I am bouncing on projects involving the energy sector, business intelligence and Enterprise 2.0, without mentioning the start up of a work aimed at defining new business models for the extensive use of innovative (evolutionary) IT solution within the tourist industry. Cool…

In the meanwhile, October is at full swing, with nice, coolish mornings and warm days, which is nice altogether, I am still planning to go about a beach (you never know..) whilst it may be more likely to go and look for mushrooms in some nearby woods in Liguria. Which, incidentally, goes pretty well with out weekly helping of Finger Food!!

  • Since the launch of Motorola Razr back in 2004, the cell phone industry flew over the wings of design as one of the main competitive differentials: connectivity was a basic set of features (2.5 or 3G, BT, Wi Fi when out…), camera or not (but increasingly above the 2Mb performance point..), internal memory supported by external sticks.. and there they come, the Ultra, the N-Series, the Razr permutations (albeit not all that successful..), the Walkman series, the Pearl and the Chocolate, let alone the iPhone… the only one to be left behind was Palm.. and incidentally it posted the first loss since 2003… now what??? Either the company comes out with a smashing hit in the next season, or it will go fattening up someone’s portfolio (guess, guess…)
  • Nevertheless, the mobile and PC industry is navigating “a vista” since, as stated by some of its powerful and highly creative executives, it doesn’t know what people want. That is a claim most of us can actually verbalise referring to girl/boyfriends, sons, wives and husbands, relatives and friends, just because “people are strange” and incidentally all different.. at the very least, they may gather into tribes… but that may be asking too much to analyse… ah, yes, and there is a thing called “systemic approach” to consider.. also.. gosh, that’s becoming real tough..
  • By the way, I happen to read some days ago that the map and navigation features over the Nokia phones were sort of appalling.. that article may actually have made it up to Helsinki, and here is the hefty answer to that help cry: $8.1 billion spent by Nokia to acquire Navteq.. not all combinations amongst champions yeld high returns (eBay-Skype…)..
  • De-localisation is definitely a factor in the global economy.. services in India, manufacturing in China, and now data centres in Scotland!!! Fair enough about power supply (wind and water aplenty..), I would also add Lagavulin and Oban as a plus for the masses when winter strikes and looking at data streams and continuity KPI may become a touch boring…
  • Then, whilst hanging around the Highlands, what about listening to your favourite hornpipes stored on a moss-green new Zune???? OK, moss-green may be slightly odd, yet the toy itself is quite cool (btw, I love the font used in screen menus).. nicely priced… out November 13th, pre-orders on Amazon.com … will die waiting to see whether the exchange rate $ / € is then put on 1:1.. as per the iTouch.. have more details on MS new baby here
  • Tribes are everything for a Web 2.0 environment, the power of referral is fundamental to market to the right cluster at the right time… so, why not catering for the same tribes-based society also when considering mobile services??? Nice idea.. Japan did quite a long ago, MVOs are there to support the idea, so what’s up? Maybe is the idea that people are not all the same, but they gather in groups (tribes), and satisfying their “tribal” needs will translate into solid and sustainable revenue streams, and the long tail is back on swinging…
  • Adobe does it right.. and we may expect another player into the desk apps space??? Uncle Bill and the Fantastic Duo should better watch out…

And more.. like nanotubes attached to computer chips will help the cooling process, in a more “prosaic” application of evolutionary nanotech.. and the philosophic discussion I had with few mates and some executives about the position Apple is (unwarily??) taking as the new “colonialist” company in the IT arena (so, where would be the gain in boasting “I am an Apple fan” when it would sound like some time ago proffering your love for Microsoft..)… and USB 3.0 seems on its way, with speeds up to 4.8Gbit/sec, which ultimately means you could transfer an HD movie in about 70 seconds, versus the current 15 minutes (should you really be in a rush..), Japan is going over the Moon, everybody else is following at close quarters, and the space is the next Maldives.. whilst Berlin is hot again with the Web 2.0 Expo (here).. and we are already wasting time, efforts and brain power (as if..) on defining Web 3.0 (pls consider I am still asked to prepare exec presentations at top IT firms about “what the heck is Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 and everything 2.0 …)..

OK, will definitely need a double or triple screen, like those in Wall Street (finally, a dream come true pretty much like the new and final Director’s cut version of Blade Runner) to keep track of it all… I will be off in a matter of hours, and if you do not have the guts to leave your PC home, go and try CSI on SecondLife.. ok, it isOctober 24th, but heck, get the front row sits!!!

Have fun and enjoy your WEnd, catch you on Monday..

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