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Radiohead’s new work … and it is up to you!!

Today is such a fine morning in Milan, I headed into work quite lighthearted, God knows why, and I was deeply buried into listening Virgin Radio (since my mp3 is just 1Gb and I need all the music I have for this eve’s training session..), and there it was, Karma Police, Radiohead… nice intro to the morning news the band from Oxford is launching a brand new album, due out October 10th…

Nice, but where’s the beef? Quite simply, their new work is absolutely free!! Sort of… actually, Radiohead have decided to leave up to the fans to decide what to pay for the dowload, from nothing to whatever they want!!

Apart from some obvious considerations about the current business model of the music industry, what really strikes me is the lesson the band is giving: music is community, and in a community each member helps the others. Someone is playing music, the others reward him for doing so..

I know, it is not that simple, however I find it socially important, it is a significant shift of paradigm, the value is upon those who enjoy art, and not set beforehand. It actually assumes that people have some sort of social responsibility, a high level of education and respect.

But, most of all, it would be a lesson against restrictions and impositions, and it would be great to know, at the end of it all, how much people have valued (that’ is the trick…value.. very much “social internet”, isn’t it??) the new Radiohead work.. could all end up with a massive blow to DRM theorists and such (by the way, RHead said “no, thanks” to Apple..)???

Dreaming is free, after all…why not..

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