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Facebook and how to spoil a piazza…

It seems that today there are two types of frenzy within the business community, either to conquer the outer space or to get hold of a worldwide renown social site… now it is Facebook that makes the press!!

Both may actually signify that “the World is not enough” (I have to stop watchin’ telly…) and there is a dare need to discover new frontiers .. where to place ads, maybe???!??!?!

The valuation Microsoft is currently placing on each and every couple of eyeballs in FB is around 66$, which is significantly higher to the 11$ paid for MySpace’s eyeballs… it seems that users do not really love to be considered “eyeballs” and thus MySpace performances have been going slightly down, as the Italian “La Repubblica” pinpoints, or at least are shadowed by those of the going-to-be-acquired Facebook (541% growth in UK vs. 20%..). Google, incidentally, is part of the race…

However, point is: would it possibly be that the fame of a social network in the business community may become inversely proportional to its resilience within the Web community itself???

Are we still perceiving that the entrance of a revenue-driven behemoth is hindering freedom altogether???

After all, why on Earth Mark Zuckerberg would like to impose or push anything to his beloved audience?? For no reason whatsoever, insofar that would be a risky move and prone to, well, spoil the fun of it all and slightly piss .. sorry, upset customers.. that is exactly why he is cleverly cashing in and selling the whole thing off to someone that will transform a free space into a massive billboard.. or something along the line..

In the meanwhile, waiting for an easy way to move one’s identity around (see other posts..) we will browse around to find the perfect hangout, that lovely place without ads, silly people showing off fake boobs or six-packs, in an attempt to be the next Web-phenomena, and without tens of thousands of friends we do not know anything about!!

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