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Finger Food (11)

Some days it may happens you wake up with a weird mood, it could be the end result of a bad dream you rarely remember, it could be the first chilly night after summer, it could be anything but, regardless, you feel edgy and most welcome the silence.

The opening of today’s Web newspaper (I do not do TV in the morning, too sad and boring, quite often..) is focused on the events in Myanmar, which I rather call Burma as an homage to its history and heritage (I may be wrong, but alas..). I certainly know that that is not the sole area in the World where repression and regime win over mankind or perhaps that is the common perception, and yet there is always a sparkle somewhere in human beings that allow you to nurture some hope in the future.

The global community has asked itself around the World to wear a red t-shirt to virtually close the gap with all the Buddhist monks that are quietly fighting the Burmese regime and asking for any human being’s right: freedom. An sms has circulated around the world, this is the text:

In support of our incredibly brave friends in Burma: May all people around the world wear red shirt on Friday 28. Please forward!

Forward it.

A house, water, food, dignity and freedom are fundamental pillars for mankind to be named as such, and the World is largely below par on those… is this redundant writing? Is this rhetoric, heard already, simplistic? I do not care, I have got a red t-shirt. After all, we always praise the importance of virtual, eSomething, feeling close to the Burmese people thanks to a piece of fabric is not too weird, then..

Below are the weekly Finger Food, the tone and topics are in some cases a few days old, thus may actually clash and shriek against the above, yet this is another “nevermind”…

  • You thought all your browsing those pointless, silly websites, including the unspeakable of ones.. would lead to nowhere??? Wrong, at the very least you may walk around your personal garden made out of your browsing… silly?? Nop, have a look here!!!
  • Everybody goes social!!!! We had time to discuss about cyber identity, some of your comments were spot on the issue, and there we are again, more social networks!!! You know what??? How long since a cyber-sociopath disease will actually be formalised???
  • Restrictions are never ever a good idea to foster, and despite the image of the V-Father, Virgin Digital (the digi-music shop..) is shutting down for good, as it seems… beware of DRM!!!! In the meanwhile, the Mule gets whacked..pointlessly, I dare say…
  • Let’s get started with changing the course of things… the Sun is an unexploited source of energy, someone calculated that it would be needed just 1% of the desert surfaces covered in high tech mirrors to give the Planet a more than decent injection of energy… and since in Australia there is plenty of sunshine, here we are! Kudos!!! The more, the better..
  • There we are, in fact!! Honestly, I didn’t make beyond the first page, and still it is fascinating, we may get some energy back from X-Algae, mutant seaweed or something.. as we said, any little helps…
  • So, Dell goes green… or, at least, it is starting to.. the most interesting aspect of it all is the “network” approach the company seems to take when considering CO2 emission and relative reduction: Dell suppliers and such are “forced” to abide a set of “green” requirements the PC behemoth has set. A tiny step forward..
  • A little while ago we went on discussing about identity issues whilst moving around the Web or virtual worlds… here is another little piece to add to the collection of “how to”. OAuth is out for trials and open discussion, have a go!!!
  • I have always been fanatic about cultural cross-fertilisation, and most aware of the power of serendipity.. thus it comes of no surprise to hear that a Microsoft team got a crush on an algorithm to detect HIV virus activity and, eventually, target a counterattack.. incidentally, the idea came from a work done on spamming protection tools… There is a little note drowned into the article, stating that the amount spent on this research is no more than a “rounding error” in planning budgets, think about what you can do with mistakes like that..

Plus O’Reilly Web2Open @ Berlin (everything seems happening in Berlin, these days, from our – IDC – ICT Forum to the Metaverse Summit in December, plus other..), and Halo 3 is conquering the gaming space, Dubai is becoming the money hub in the Middle East thanks to NASDAQ and OMX merry-go-round, whilst EU has decided to have virtual-VAT in SecondLife (but to be paid in full, real money…)… innovation?!??!? Please…

For you all, do enjoy the essay on “fame” that Stephen Fry has just put on his blog, and for those of you leaving in UK, could you please digital-record for me the new Jennifer Saunders comedy ” The Life and Times of Vivienne Vayle”?? If that is anything as funny as AbFab, I need it!!!

Have a nice weekend, I will pop over to Tuscany to hear my brother’s stories about “freaking-two-weeks-in-Tenerife” and my mom moaning over her “far-too-packed-with-candles” birthday cake!!!

Remember, red t-shirt…

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  1. September 28, 2007 at 11:41 01

    Sometimes I wander… what people do to themselves…
    Who the heck is Connie???!? Not me, trust me on that…
    Nice bit of Web psycho..

  1. September 28, 2007 at 09:58 20

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