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Italian eGovernment.. that’s virtualisation of Nothing!!!!

During the past few weeks….during the past few months… ok, fine, during the past few years Italy has been struggling in building up a decent Government infrastructure.. we’ve had it all, thieves, convicted ministries, leaders acting like stand-up comedians at international meetings, singing prime ministers, the whole lot of absurdities.. This was coupled by an appalling public finance management, the disappearance of billions of Euros into someone’s pocket and so forth.. it is impossible to follow it, let alone report it in a post so follow my advice, should you have a burning desire to know this circus and if you are really fitted with strong guts, and go for books such as “La Casta”….

However, in this sort of third world (please, no offense to the third world countries, utmost respect!) mess, Italian rulers have been so barefaced as to foster eGovernment initiatives.. needless to say you should have a Government as such before even remotely trying to apply any sort of virtualisation to it, but nevermind..

Another Italian miracle was accomplished swiftly, since the latest Cap Gemini report states Italy is at around mid-ranking in the eGov evaluation score, and is above par (82% vs. an average of 75%) in overall quality of the services available. (Note: this is not a miracle at all, but, hey, that’s all we have got on the menu these days…)

That is something the entire nation was actually waiting to know (as if…), now it seems Italians would also like to understand whether this immense wealth of technology and cyber-functionalities are able to find something like 98 billion Euros missing (vanished, evaporated really..) from the taxation of gaming machines (aka video pokers and so forth…) across the country… that is a nice amount of money, considering that the latest “Legge Finanziaria” (the sort of yearly set of financial and fiscal measures and activities…) wasn’t remotely close to half of that amount and it made the entire nation shivers in terror for starvation and missing holidays….. the 2008 “Finanziaria” is about 12 billion, as it has been reported, that makes 1/8 (rounded..) of the due amount… you find the money, Italy would happil y trail around for, say, the next five years??? An entire legislature??? wow…

We were such a grand country…damn..

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