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Finger Food (10)

I know it is not Friday… I will be travelling to a “Forum IT” with some journalists and a few top execs from the IT industry for a weekend of brainstorming around the role of Information Technology and its moguls in the present (and foreseeable) economic evolution. Nice one!

So, I have been gathering some nice bits around to keep you going for the next few days..

  • First come first, so energy is again on top position.. also, it is interesting to notice that our shared thoughts about the overindulgent approach to the importance of innovation and ideas may generate monsters of silliness such as this weird plans on how to save the planet from darkness of a post-oil economy…. however, together with Web 2.0, energy is hot on the list, here, and also here. We should have started this battage much earlier.
  • It would then be a nice thing to do to us (taking care of the energy, the planet and us, all included..), before this goes a bit too far… on top of disintegrating our ecosystem, the mankind (politicians, businesses… ) approach to pollution and global warming is depriving us of adventure, exploration, food for those of us still believing Man is a word to be proud of…
  • Few days ago I pointed out how mobile comms were driving India to the stardom and out (for at least part of its population) of starvation, now it seems the same can be done in Africa. I would like to have the opinion of a dear friend of mine who works in the area … at least, it is nice to read and soothing to know that some can be done .. ah, quite obviously it is of the utmost importance that new masses are up and well to become a mass of new buyers (at some point in time…), since all the other buyers across the World have been kind of squeezed to buy also when there was no money for it (subprime anyone???) but this is maybe beyond the point, isn’t it???? Much better to believe we are sooooo nice and concern about others…… (Note: read down the comments section.. Thanks Jamil..)
  • And, since privacy is an issue, the most advanced amongst us are Tor users.. what is Tor?? This will explain a bit, and as it seems it is not a nice position to be a Tor-server administrator.. now, I am wandering, would that responsibility and related court calls apply also to free WiFi access, Fon and friends (go on, I know some of you will have some literature about this..)???!?!? Gosh, you cannot do a favor and immediately someone is at you… damn…
  • To complicate matters, femtocells are a real offering … what are femtocells??? Browse here, Dean is an old colleague of mine and truly knows about it…I believe, however, it will be a nice add to already complicated tariffing schemes and non-usage of advanced tech (HSDPA??) by the “everyday man”… still, nice to know that, maybe one day, I will be able to make or receive a call in Milan underground, albeit it will be a matter of reprogramming people politeness level (pretty low now, to say the least…)
  • This is fantastic!!! Is SecondLife generally hosting reproductions of real cities??? Fine, a real city hosts a reproduction of Second Life!!!! There is really no end to it… so get it all sorted out here, at Dr.Dobb’s Life 2.0.. the funniest of it all is the breakfast.. I usually starve in the morning, my real stomach asks for real food… will be there later, then, anybody minds???? And, about real cities, walls and the lot, here it is, an Italian construction company hosts your house, the exact reproduction of the house you are going to buy, in SL… avatars can go and check, modify, control, experience.. this is kind of nice, isn’t it??? Maybe done already somewhere else, but seems to me a good way of using virtual reality to its best. Thanks to Punto Informatico for “digging” the news..
  • btw, SecondLife is hosting an eBay based auction system… mind you, just for land… are we going to have sub-prime loans any time soon??? Joking, that will be fun to watch… OK, OK, there are also some nice serious bits happening in SL, and particularly information (oxygen for free spirits) gets a nice reward … kudos to Reuters… thanks Nobody Fugazi!

There we are… ah, yes, this has been the week Microsoft got a fine from EU for being naughty-naughty (and everyone’s concerned about the aftermath of it… or cheering up, indeed), the iPhone is finally making its inroad in Europe, despite having (at the time I wrote this comment..) no 3G capability but compensating instead with a huuuuge ego from Cupertino (O2 strangled in the deal..), together with across-the-continent pricing issues already , Digg changes some bits and it’s digging deeper into users’ experience….

I will report about, and possibily from, the event but, in the meanwhile, I leave you with this… I truly believe Stephen Fry is one class on his own, chapeau and enjoy the reading!

Catch you later!!

UPDATE: since Web 2.0 and all the talking these days point to “collaboration”, “world conscience”, “community”, have a thought at this… grid computing at mankind’s service, known already?? Cool .. for once, I would like to believe it is pure and true..

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