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I am all in one piece.. I mean in one place!!

You know, since quite a long time we have all followed the latest “virtual” hype, and today our cyber identity is fragmented and scattered in zillion of different places..

This would be a case for a good psycho therapy, needless to say virtual,  but instead of lying down somewhere in SL and telling a flurry how complicated and desperate was our childhood (nevermind our adult life, to come to that…), someone actually thought about gathering all our remains into one place, which was basically sort of “pre-Web 2.0 BigBang” kind of status…

Some months ago I believe it was IBM going about a cyber passport (sort of) to go and byte-jumping across virtual immensities to experience different worlds whilst maintaining our electro-personality (or virtual projection of real-life personality, as some studies do actually argument..), then someone cristallised all that in the nicer idea of “aggregate lifestreams”… here is a nice compendium of thinkings… (oldish post of Steve Rubel but kind of OK to read..)

Quite clearly, being our personality a kaleidoscope of emotions and interests, it is unlikely we can satisfy our curiosity all in one place (otherwise any marriages would really last forever!!!) whilst, on the other hand, it is quite disturbing to think about our entire time spent in chasing the update of “n” contacts, profiles, sites, virtual friendships and so forth… so, post once and distribute allover, collate ourselves into one space (sort of…say… my space.. kind of… but seems a spoiled idea…), have all your eBits in one place, all you created, everything, a “river of news” for other to swim in and enjoy (like this example here..)!!

eClippings then, a personal working table, a barebone website, a social network element without the social and the network as they were, it is about MySelf and You… seems like a nice way to go back to square one, where the individual is the pivot, emerging from the mob and allowing a selected group of people to have full access to his entire eLife. The cyber existence has got another layer, the individual, 360°, on top of the social network…

Or, rather, is a hyper-MeNetwork … I am networking myself… I am stepping over the six degrees that separates Me from Myself from I…

Yep, guess we may need a good doctor any time soon.. funny though…

  1. September 19, 2007 at 14:17 28

    Sounds like what’s needed is a good dose of OpenID to me.

  2. September 19, 2007 at 14:37 54

    That would certainly do a great deal, yep, particularly because of the possibility to carry over multiple aspects of a digital personality and its ability to allow fast and (sort of) reliable interactions amongst users and sites… and it would also be nice to have one-and-for-all avatar to play with different virtual environments… guess we are at the very beginning of a mass-scale cyber interaction, emerging (to mass-scale again…)standards and anything supporting “ease of use” are most welcome!!!
    Then, it is all about push and acceptance…
    Tks for comment!!!

  1. October 12, 2007 at 09:43 14

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