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Broaden your horizon..

Every now and then I like to share with you some feelings, ideas, simple thoughts about anything that sort of moves me somewhat.

As most of you, I like the idea of being part of a larger World than my immediate surroundings, I love the fact that lots of my friends are scattered allover the World and yet we keep in touch, we share bits of our lives and, ultimately, we grow together. Since I began travelling, I couldn’t stop longing for being on the move, by plane, car, boat, bike, feet, all but staying still.

Which, unfortunately, is something I have to do most of my time, workwise now, and because of a much greener age, some times ago. Damn.

To overcome the issue, and then long before working age, I started reading. Anything, really. I travelled first class to Asia with Salgari, and from that onward I went allover the place. Then I got into knowing things, and then again I read about anything I was remotely supposing could have been of any interest.

Today, Internet is grand!

Again, I do not say something new to anyone of you, you do exactly the same thing, possibly to a much higher extent, still I read every single day ePapers, news and sites from any place on Earth, I browse, explore, listen, watch, write, collate. I try and extend myself beyond physical boundaries, cultural traps and everyday’s boredom.

Today, the New York Times has opened up its wealth of knowledge and thinking to anyone interested. You may be readers already, or you did, so this is sort of pathetic, but to me that is another open door over something.. cannot wait to explore…

Then, I may find a good tip on where to head for my next trip (December holidays are coming soon…better book it..), and then there we are, reality and eReality come together nicely!!!!

A broader horizon is always a great gift.

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