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Northern Rock, sub primes, USA and the systemic approach to life…

I have been told, quite recently, that probably my way of approaching things and the way I do try to look at problems is way too exaggerate, somewhat too broad, far too high-fly.. fine..

However, as it seems, the world is massively entwined in a strong systemic fashion, and truly you cannot avoid but looking at the whole picture, top-down, bottom-up, left-to-right or whatever is the way you want to wander around things, but broadening your view is never ever a redundant effort!!!

Several times we have discussed and approached issues and ideas from a challenging position, considering the “System” as the main entity… now we are facing with a massive crisis, mainly fostered by “panic” into that herd of people that has been gathered around the myth of an “accessible-to-all” financial realm… and forced, to inject fresh energy into the system, to access a stack of “wealth” that, in real life, was not in their normal reach.

This is far from being a “caste” based approach to life, is solely related to the simple truth: most people today are living way above their real financial status. We could open up a massive discussion on whether this is morally correct or not, whether this is necessary or not, whatever, bottom line is: the entire system is somewhat living “above par” but with no real skills for doing so, it is a fake position, it is a deceit.

When, every now and then, part of the system does not align immediately with a modification stemming somewhere else, or simply when the change velocity in some of the systems dynamics is faster than the one needed to “spread the news” and upgrade the other parts of the systems, there we are: Northern Rock style crisis.

Another reason behind the brutal reaction to a maybe not so virulent occurrence is the high empowerment of scarcely literate (in financial terms, clearly) masses, easily herd around via news, hypes, credos.. when this mass gets scared, it reacts running a stampede.. you better keep off its path!!

An entire country system is currently living above par and its global influence is far too massive.. I do hope there won’t be any hard wake up call in USA, should China go about as all the Northern Rock “creditors” are doing these days.. the fall out would not a nice thing to see, particularly if you are windward..

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