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Finger Food (9)

Tiptoeing through the days, Friday is here again, with its basket full of promises, high expectations and good intentions…plus another stunning day… the city woke up in a beautiful late Summer morning, sun shines and warms up the air, I got into the bus with my MP3 playing the new rock “event” on airways, Virgin Radio (Branson’s a pervasive chap…)..pretty cool… got my nice tie on, have to go to business meetings, security market analysis presentation, so my weekly Finger Food will be more “fingery” than usual, I believe…

  • Do you remember, guess it was last Friday, when I pointed out that was that Branson bloke (see above…) who was launching Virgin Galaxy or whatever… thought that was already kind of funny, but this is quite a nice laugh also!!! Particularly, being Italian , if I consider the poor ending of the Alitalia corporate history.. nevermind.. ah, the space frenzy is not over, big brains at work here!!! People may be overvalued sometimes…
  • When I came back from Japan, after three weeks of systematic exclusion from press and the like, I found that the US housing crisis, the sub-prime issues and a bunch of other nice things had kind of hit the market badly… the aftershock kept coming our (Europe) way, sending a chilly shake down countless spines.. so, it was about time to inhale fresh air into the global arena.. and, quite an enlightenment to us, went the news that the global economy is no longer US centric…. really??? Did we really need to wait until the end of 2007 to know that???? Do come along… despite the somewhat debatable thinking that the pivot of the world is located somewhere between NY and LA, there is quite a lot going on in the rest of the planet… and, yep, since quite a long time ago!!! The rest of the World protects US, they say, for a change.. which is about the very first time I heard something like in my life!! You never know…. wow…. I would go crazy if Italy comes about saying it will export democracy to USA.. a pasta invasion we cannot afford any more (wheat is kind of expensive nowdays..)
  • The above also happens because technology may help out in bridging some gaps (not all, some…maybe.. sometimes..), and communication is a definite plus… a long time ago we were debating on the perfect usage of 3G comms deployment, suggesting that, probably, cellular communication would have exploded also to support green field evolutions or to connect those part of a country simply too costly to cover with a decent array of POTS solutions.. India seems to follow suit.. and that is nice, apart from some paternalist approaches you may read along in the press, since all the obstacles, increased competition, a bit of fear to lose ground (see above…) will force everyone to evolve, hopefully for the best…
  • Clearly, to support evolution, you need to have energy aplenty, as China seems to know today.. and, since all the energy the World-body needs comes mostly from oil and gas, and including the fact that oil and gas are (broadly) owned by countries slightly difficult to discuss with (that includes obviously the ol’ Russia of ironman Putin and Friends), according to US and some European countries, so what about going back to play with nuclear power???? Yesterday one of our politicians went about the same route, since most of the Italian energy supply relies on oil and gas from foreign countries..
  • However, since the war for oil seems to be a tough call, you may well go for Plan B.. I would suggest to give ironman a quick call, considering the plutonium he planted allover the place, there may be some spare…. on the other hand, the left over of your sushi may give you some alternative boost also…
  • In the meanwhile, Web 2.0 keeps going… have you ever thought about mashups?? Or that 2.0 was all about you playing around with the ol’Web? Or .. or.. or… got lost??!?!? Nevermind, Yahoo thinks about you!!! (Gosh, this was an awful one, my apologies for the utter fall in creative writing..)
  • And the Web really changes the way we think about friendship… really??? Is it friendship or acquaintances we are talking about here???
  • And, since it is Friday after all, have a look at this!!! I love London, it is my favorite city over the entire planet, you may know that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, since a night like that may cause troubles, why not using the Tunnel and get the French to sort out the steamy consequences of your ride into town???? Europe united, great idea!!!!!!

And MySpace keeps on transforming from an user-generated space to a simple, old fashioned already-made content distributor, Hollywood included, bells are already jingling for Vodafone and its plans of xMas unlimited music downloads or something, and Nintendo is still ahead in the consolle battle, and Google will enter the mobile comms industry, and.. and…

And I am going off to this meeting now, and then off to Liguria, nothing much than nice food and a book to read, whilst waiting for the MotoGP on Sunday!!

Have a nice weekend you all, back on Monday!!!!

PS It wasn’t such a quick-and-dirty post after all, time flies when you enjoy…

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