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Conversational marketing.. or you rather shut up????

The advent of that “social networking” stuff lead us to believe that interactions would have been the next hard currency, it makes everyone believe that opening up to the “others” would have been beneficial to whatever-I-am-supposed-to-do in my life, personal space or, yep, business…

Now, that would actually be sort of true IF interactions, and thus all the wording, commenting, talking, sharing would not turn into a sour soup of scorning, disdaining, despising, loathing and such niceties… that’s the trick…

So what??? Companies start thinking about “conversational marketing” as a potential way (tool, idea, unconscious thinking…??) to interact, interlude and flirt with potential customers and maximise the so-called (by someone..) “relationship economy”… personally I believe we are talking about a “referral economy”, if we really have to put a tag on it, therefore it is not the link that matters, but what is the message content flowing amongst links (people, mind you).

That is a risky business… artificially augmenting the information flow or number of forced links amongst users may, yep, increase positive brand perceptions and spread the word, but also a massive blunder may resonate like a screaming child in a small car.. pretty disturbing, I believe..

And, most of all, the above will gain speed proportional to the “mass” involved… the more, the better/worse..

The argument here is about effectiveness: if I ask for information, ideas, perceptions, whatever, am I able to act upon it, when I do receive a massive flow of data, directly from the very heart of the market? Would a company be able and fit to react to whatever direct market response it may receive??? Otherwise, that two-way (clearly is two-way…) conversation is pretty much like the one you generally see in politics: someone protest, the others change, change, change and change to change nothing at all in the end.

Now, you may actually not throw a full political system down the drain (you can’t??? Really??? That’s a pity…), but clearly you can shift your spending power, disposable income, cash, MONEY, somewhere else..

Since, the most important currency today is not “interaction”, we have aplenty, is “attention”. And that is scarce, when you may have nothing interesting to say or, worse, you are not able to listen…

Get it right, mate…

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