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Back off Tina Tequila, Science is on air!!!!

I believe that, for at least a bunch of us, the advent of satellite TV was not cheered because of the latest adventure of silly housewives, gory face liftings or the latest in reality shows, but also for the possibility to dig into the realm of science, in a sort of childish attempt to understand how the heck that people could have traveled faster than lightspeed, or why, oh why the deoxyribonucleic acid got that silly name in the first place.. ok, fair enough, those were not the questions haunting our nights…nevertheless, it is interesting to notice that, after having the new Web forms populated by boobs, silly jokes, stupid videos and overly bloated egos, someone thought that, why not, some (to some) interesting topics may get the dignity to got out from classrooms, awful ftp-based web sites and get broadcasted!!

The chemistry lessons of my high-school teacher were absolutely great, it would have been great to see those on web videos, fun and knowledge were going well together…

Anyway, there may be also other such examples, but I guess that an initiative out of the usual broadcasting networks or more recent Web TV initiatives is such a wonderful example to stress that the Web is a tribe-oriented space, and not all tribes are brainless…

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