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Finger Food (8)

 Is it really the first Friday we have in September?? Looks like it anyway.. weather in Milan is nice, the sky is luminescent blue, that sort of blue you only get in September, it is still warm despite some little morning chill.. and, boringly enough to most of you, I will hit the beach once again, ’till it lasts!!!

I have been hiding myself for the past couple of days, got actually lost in sorting out a couple of projects, hopping around energy issues and a quite interesting (!!) study to determine a viable business model for innovative(again!!!!) IT solution in the tourist industry.. let you know if at all interested… plus I went on training for my Autumn trailrunning attempts.. got over the 10km run so far.. pretty good I guess for a week training..

However, nevermind the b@§&%$£# said Sid Vicious, here we are with our most sought-after Friday Finger Food!!!

But, first and foremost, the week witnessed the final departure of Luciano Pavarotti.. I have always loved the immense emotional power of an opera, that feeling of being carried in a faraway country of beauty and enchantments,  I do not need to praise his life and talent, I simply admire once again the magnificent power  of the human genius and I bow  to whom spread his for the World to rejoice.

Therefore, it may just become a squeak my pointing out that:

  • We are so madly in love with living la vida loca over our virtual worlds, such an escape route from the boredom of everyday’s life, that we actually felt the necessity to bring with us, on top of our pathological deviances, also all the fuss and hassle …. money, a house, possession and, why not, a nice Virtual credit card!! Now, this kind of spoils the fun of having a flurry as an avatar… 
  • I purposely put further down the line the main tech event of the week, since you may have already read more than  your fair share of news about… still, when Stevie moves, the entire industry feels like “doing something”, thus Bill and his disciples went about, who know, perhaps, it could actually be… a Zune with the phone…and you may want to wait a while for other news about it…
  • iPod iPhone, Nano, Classic… fair enough it is hurricane season!! You already know all about it, it is thus a matter of “touch and play”!!! I still believe it is a nice move to presidiate the entire “user terminal” value chain and distribute services over it.. so stop talking about “too many product launches people may get confused about”… plenty of room and choice for everyone and (almost) every pocket, after the storm will come around the soothing of a nice music or a lovely movie to snuggle and watch…Steve competes against himself, this is quite a remarkable achievement, don’t you agree??!?!
  • The new trend (new…) is then about touching, so nevermind what you read about in Freud’s theory, touching is ever so cooool!!!! Touch me, touch me!! Microsoft gets, yep, touchy…. then what????
  • It may actually be time to grow up sometimes, and as the guy from BusinessWeek is pointing out, is also about time to find your right space in eSociety, as you have tried to do in real world.. your space, if you are above 20 and mentally sane could possibly not be MySpace, but rather Facebook??? And yet, your past will haunt you forever, untidy friends, those silly parties on the beach, the picture of that less-than-subtle tattoo you got during a night of excesses, you truly hoped that “…all those moments WOULD be lost in time, like tears in rain”. Wrong, mate, sadly utterly wrong!!!!
  • And, to put all things together, this is absolutely great!!!  I simply adore this man, he is freaking mad and he is making a zillion million tons of money out of his most childish and adventurous dreams!!!! Branson’s Virgin Galactic travels… since I read Flash Gordon’s adventures back in my childhood at my aunt’s house in Livorno, I was stunned by the idea of jumping around the galaxy.. mind you, a friend of mine did it, but that was at a party in Amsterdam and I guess cannot be taken in any serious account… however, got my holiday planned for when I retire, I believe…  WOW, again, genius…

There are a few other bits, quite a lot of attention on IP TV (and that makes the par for Apple..), some hints about a British credit crisis, which after US seems reasonable, the US government that has stated its priority in capturing Osama, dead preferably (we are few days off the infamous day, quite boringly normal to beat the drums..), and nicely enough we may actually have, few years down the line, some of that gorgeous specimen of human beings a là Dark Angel (Jessica Alba is unclonable?!?!? toooooo saaaaad..), providing that Manticore is somewhere in Dorset (more plainly, in UK you may study and experiment with embrios containing some “animal” genetic material..ops..) …

Heading out, have a great week end, you all!! Bless.

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