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Just give me a Gcall….

I wonder… sometimes it seems there is a personal affair in trying to limit Apple in any possible way or, otherwise, piggy back on Steve intuitions and follow suit …

We are not yet accustomed to have the next mobile experience in our life (I mean, iPhone…) and there is already a (juicy???) contender, coming directly from the Fantastic Duo… is the Gphone a reality coming our way??? Quite nicely, and considering the “hardware” skill Apple has got (plus undebatable design prince, Jonathan Ive), Google is betting its mobile fate on software rather than anything else… not exactly software-software, as the “intelligence” behind iPhone is pretty sharp edged anyway, but on a cluster of apps and, why not, some “pluses” such as mobile payment systems… actually, they patented a Gpay… no, well, Gbuy, as to avoid misunderstanding.. and a GPS antenna to pester us with geomarketing initiatives, plus the GMail…

Nice load, I guess, and yet I am wandering whether it is still that time when you wanted to be branded from head to toes (limiting your experience???), and furthermore, where is the advantage I got in having all that, which is basically exactly the same I have on a nice smartphone nowdays …. are we still back to tariff???? Has Google got a strong-enough brand equity as to leverage it into the mobile communication space????

We’ll see…

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