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Finger Food (7)..welcome back!!!

Last day of August, Milan is under the rain, last night it was hit by an heavy thunderstorm, which actually lulled me to sleep, this morning there is a gray sky, dripping down a meaningless rain … it reminds me of the last days of Summer when I was in Tuscany, all my friends and the excitement of the Summer were washed away by those Western clouds… nevermind the memories, it is about time to get out the weekly finger food and, tah dah!!, going over to the beach once again!! So, there we are:

We simply have not found a way in the old business model to make a return on our investment (CEO, EarthLink, Rolla Huff)

  • For the sake of argument, a company that is actually putting itself at a somewhat technology edge has not foreseen an effective business model to support such an evolution (which, incidentally, was far from unpredictable, since we are talking about San Francisco and not a far, far away Siberian city…).. so much for leadership…
  • Again, opening up the free knowledge doors in China proves itself a daunting task.. some time ago it was Google (and China is still a tough call for the Fantastic Duo, as it seems..), if I remember it right, now is Yahoo clashing with the Chinese government… as it seems, there are differences in the approach and moral stature companies are keeping when facing court charges, and I wonder whether it is a matter of potential market sizing…
  • Another walled garden in the mobile scenario?? Nokia is launching Ovi…. I am certainly wrong, but it seems that the most compelling factor to drive users to a higher mobile data traffic is a potential fast and furious browsing over the Web, the big one.. each of us has got his network of sites, peers, Web social liturgy that has been built up over time and freedom… cannot see (or do not want to see…) that changing to a nicely done (maybe) and controlled content deposit..
  • Whilst the SecondLife universe was gathering to the Community Convention, I would have rather go surfing the waves coming with my first Western swell in Tuscany… how foolish of me, when there is the smashing opportunity to really really surf in the web!!! Here it is, a nice beach resort to unwind, going scuba and the rest… you may know that I am a touch sensitive about the entire beach lifestyle thing, and would really thank anyone for not carrying this nonsense too far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you ever experienced the feeling of walking barefoot over the warm sand at sunset? Or ride a wave at dawn, no one in sight but you, the waves and the rising sun?? Right, then you know what I mean… by the way, those surfboards are dead ugly, please Al Merrick, please!!!!!
  • Long time ago, I knew someone in UK with a surname I thought was a promise in itself: Goodenough (apologies to the ones involved here..) (utterly unlikely they may read this blog but who knows…)… now it seems that the very concept is underpinning the entire innovation blurb.. despite my initial Goodenough friend was, and I hope for her, still is a nice looking lady, conversely I tend to believe that good enough in technology and in evolution is not, actually, good enough. Changes happens faster and faster, evolution speeds up after spell of chaotic creation, good enough in not enough.. mind you, it leaves plenty of opportunity to create lateral job placements, I am thinking consultants, maintenance, gurus….
  • And, since we are all (almost..) back from holidays with some unwanted weight over our stunning bodies, here it is, a nice way to put it…. (text in Italian, the rest is self explanatory…)!!!

That’s it…there are lots of other golden nuggets (lol) such as social network sites going to hunt for the LinkedIn marketplace, YouTube that is going hands in hands with British music royalty collection agency, and everybody’s hacking Apple’s iPhone, plus there is a new stunning Jaguar on its way, should you be at all interested!!!!

Pack your stuff, it’s weekend time!!!

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  1. August 31, 2007 at 10:10 01

    ciao 88 days, a proposito di cibo e di peso in eccesso, che non è comunque il mio caso, non so come ti sei comportato nella patria del sushi…

  2. August 31, 2007 at 10:23 43

    ma ciao!!!! è andato tutto alla grande, anche io problemi di peso non ne ho, per cui ho ingurgitato qualsiasi cosa avesse odore passabile!!
    paese veramente particolare, la parte “Blade Runner” è al di là del cool, un universo parallelo tra byte e manga!! non ho visto cose che potevano finire sul tuo sito, era un continuo susseguirsi di colori e luci.. ammetto, forse mi sono lasciato trascinare come una falena.. magari faccio un giro sulle foto e vediamo se c’è qualcosa di significativo per serendipità!
    e tu? mi pare sia andata bene l’estate!

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