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Black, blue and now yellow gold!?!? Not only food for thoughts..

Since I am back from my traveling around, there is one issue that keep popping, or better cropping out, on Business Week, on the UK Guardian and today on the Italian La Repubblica: the ongoing interest on biofuels is actually hindering the food production and stocks around the World, particularly if considering the mid term future.

There is a massive array of numbers, more or less accurate and more or less scary, you enjoy browsing through the details, the thing is we, on Planet Earth, have found another gold: corn, maiz, grano, whatever you want to call it. As it seems, an hefty double digit figure of the overall maiz/corn production is currently dedicated to biofuel production, this aiming (seemingly) to reduce Western dependency on oil and to control greenhouse gas emissions. More importantly, there is a stack of money to be made, since it has been stated

Since biodiesel and ethanol are close petroleum substitutes, their prices track that of crude oil.

So, results are an increased pressure on food prices, since the alimentary chain has deep roots into the “corn” fields (directly – bread and derivatives – or indirectly – cattle food), all too scary should we consider that there is an increase in World population, that the alimentary habits may change whilst countries are shifting towards a more “Westernised” lifestyle, that water is becoming maybe not scarce but not aplenty either, and given that we are planned quite carefully, as smart inhabitants, to bake our planet nicely..

So, we have thus a list of “golds” to look for: black gold (oil), blue gold (water), yellow gold (??) (corn). The first of the aforementioned alternatives has already made a huge mess and quite a slaughter, do we have to expect the second and the third one to follow suit???

What is even more incredible, for the sake of argument clearly, is the actual fact that nobody is contemplating the idea that using 1.5 ton of steel to move around 75kg of meat is the stupidest waste of energy ever seen (maybe only surpassed by the fruitless attempt of a friend of mine to learn snowboarding), and it would not be so preposterous to foster the usage of alternative transportation… guess this is an already well debated issue, but I feel embarrassed as human being when a journalist states that we may end up deciding whether we may want a loaf of bread or a full tank in our car.. please.. there is no irony in this…

Personally, I sold since quite a long time my car, a nice convertible, as it was stupid to use it to go from home to work, fight in the rush hour, fight for parking and get stressed in biblically long cues. Now I get the bus to work (15′), read a nice book or listen to music without worrying about other mad drivers, I move down to Tuscany by train, there I have got a bike to pedal around or, admittingly, for longer travels I got my motorbike, still my carbon footprint is pretty low and my stress level is down quite nicely.

Bottom line: again, instead of attacking a problem’s causes, we want to reduce the effects. It is again about geopolitics, money, power. No further comments.

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