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iPod revolution on its way??

Or the event that Apple will held in San Francisco next Sept. 5th is just a “keep the pressure steady” on the market after the earlier launch of the alluminum-look iMac???

Still, every single time Stevie goes on stage, people start trembling, either in excitement or in terror..

Few things in the rumors are quite interesting, though… first, the possibility to have an iPod with full-screen features, then to have it packed with Apple OS, furthermore to have that injection of intelligence into more traditional, click-wheel based models, and last but not least the possibility to see a new iPhone, the iPhone Nano, whatever that means…

Most interesting of all is an alleged  declaration Steve Jobs did in an earlier company meeting (mind you, if the declaration is out in the press, that was not exactly a company meeting.. nevermind..), pointing at the possibility to auto-cannibalise product revenues with other product lines revs, than having that done by competitors..

Now, that seems to me, with all respect for such a genius, something like common sense … so expect the expected and, as someone says in the linked  articles, also the WOW…

Apple strategy is all about excitement, and as the most adventurous amongst you may know, adrenaline wears off pretty quickly, so it is a matter of keeping that up, and transform it in awe!!

Life is great, isn’t it..?

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