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Internet killed the video stars?!?!?!?!? Not yet… unfortunately..

Milan is still warmish but the sky is clouded, yesterday was kind of raining, and today guess it will follow suit pretty easily… this is the perfect time to either going into the wild and search for early Autumn mushrooms or snuggle on the sofa with a cup of green tea (got some wonderful ones in Japan!! ) and some TV…  but, which TV???!??!

As it seems, IP television is coming on a screen near you, quite abruptly eventually, and we are all going to deal with it, should the scenario Vint Cerf is depicting at the MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television Festival come to reality.. quite agree that some of the newest productions or most interesting contents are floating somewhere in cyberspace, fine again on the fact that IP TV is on the agenda of old fashioned broadcasters and newly born moguls (see Joost and its peers), and it is true that in Japan you may download one hour worth of TV programs in 16″… it is also true that in Japan the “mobile” internet seems to be a reality, that broadband connections are available for free everywhere, also in the cheapest ryokan (B&B…) you may encounter in a small city, as it is quite true that, say, in Italy we still have 56K connections, a poor command of the English language (at least at the level of proficiency required to follow a video show or a movie), as it is quite a factor that a sharp move to IP TV will definitely put in jeopardy some audience control mechanism, given the (supposed) larger degree of freedom the Web should allow… OK, this would be positive, I guess..

This is without considering the advertising strategy revamp that would be needed, a severe customer analysis, and a superior ability to meet the audience expectations and try and build up some kind of lock in (it means management capability, and you all know I strongly believe that is in very short supply) … satellite and cable, when and where they have been free to compete fairly, have actually shown how life could be hard in a truly, competitive, open TV marketplace..

However, the ability of the IP TV to implement some “high tech”features, such as sort of hyperlinks in shows, will demolish the consolidated idea of a TV “whatever”cast, that is to sit and watch… merging too deeply the incredible digging power of the Web with the TV format it may be nice on paper but may not encounter a burst of enthusiasm… TV is TV, the Web is the Web, a news site is not substituting a newspaper, as ebooks are not substituting a nice paper book… cultural shifts are hard to sell and digest, it may happen but has to be a great, truly wonderful idea (such as the ease of choice and portability of an mp3??? my mum got in love with Pink Floyd since that was what my brother put in her mp3 player for her to listen whilst painting… nice works, mind you..)

TV will end up coming from Mars, as Cerf says, and will be fun to watch (kind of…), some of us are interested in exploring programs for further news and in-depth knowledge, some of us will watch shows in three languages, but there is a huge amount of people, today, watching every single day EastEnders, Beautiful, the Big Brother and some silly quiz show(we have that horrible “Affari Tuoi” here in Italy that is polluting my dinners..), and all the rest of those questionable programming.. and guess what, someone may actually say that the money flows there and not around the National Geographic series…

Too sad!

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