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We are all back… and where are the leaders?????

Back… “finally” is kind of a far too positive word to depict my status,  still, there we are…

I read through some newspapers since back, pretty much the same stuff as I read one month ago, same story for a few publications, all boring discussions about nothing. So headed over the Web…fair, few more interesting bits around, still have to make my mind over the real importance of what I read about.. connectivity, iPhone again, the uttermost importance of WiMax in our lives, the raging China and how desperate the US housewives actually really are given the crumbling of the housing market…

So, it seems we are all back at full swing (what????) and there are troubles ahead… which actually calls for carefully planned actions, against a clear strategy, implemented by well motivated forces run my enlightened leaders… ops.. leaders?????

Scarce commodity as it seems in a recent BusinessWeek article… the concept of leadership, the perfect commander, that sort of human being capable of extracting the best and more than that from every single individual he meets/command/manage, actually rests on the laurels of intangibles, on natural born stardom status, on admiration for a way of being above and beyond petty normality… unfortunately, as well pointed out, leadership is often mistaken with a superior accounting skill, and that is a huge blunder that will come back as an hefty bill to pay when the matter get worse..

We have been discussing, reading, talking and debating about evolutions, about new geopolitic balances, about a new layer of society based on technology, we have witnessed the rise and fall of economic wealth across nations, we have seen countries emerging to new powerhouse status and yet, in all this, we have not seen the very idea of leadership growing the same speed, nor we have seen real leaders arousing from the masses. Just aggressive and ego-bloated accountants, allover the place.. numbers are not diamonds to bright up someone’s performance, numbers are not made to hide behind..

That is scary… a battle with no commanders is lost before fighting…  we should start this working season a bit better than this, shouldn’t we?

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