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Japan strikes you badly!!!

Admittingly, the first approach to this country is not the easiest one… most of all if you linger around Tokyo… it is seriously complicated but…in a little while it opens up to a shrine of golden secrets!!

In the first place, despite the language or the impact of a deeply different culture, it is deadly easy to move and hang around, I have never been in a large city with this ease, almost amazing. The impressive array of modernity clashes with what is seemingly the Japanese way of looking at things, a mix of new and old, a borderline between reality and gaming…lights from a Blade Runner scenario go hands in hands with ancient temples and a closed, almost shy but most likely proud way of acting..

And, impressively enough, this city of more than 30 million people is not noisy!! It is almost silent apart from the physical noise that things and bodies do in moving around, unbelievable!!

Then, it comes a time when you decide to take a train and go outside town…there you get smashed! A lush tropical forest hides temples, valleys, rivers and gentle people.. yesterday I spent three hours hicking over a nearby mountain to go and see a Giant Buddha in a nearby village….it was overwhelming, breathtaking….

Keep you posted then!!!

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