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Finger Food (6) but…It is holiday time, for real!!!!

There we are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is holiday time, at least for me…The last year has been quite strange, hectic sometimes, some days has been boring to death… However, since the launch (launch??? Isn’t a bit too much??) of this blog I have seen a little community gathering around, and it has been marvelous to see it growing, and it has been surprisingly great to try and write for others, instead of taking notes for my sake only… lots of you already passed this stage, I believe, so you do know what I am telling you now.. still, I felt honored and, why not, pleased to see the interest in 88days..

I will have my 40th birthday tomorrow, then will leave to Japan, where I will spent the next three weeks… it all sounds exciting, and I would like to write about it and keep news rolling, do not know at this stage whether that will be feasible or not, but believe me, you will read about my Japanese adventure pretty soon!!!

In the meanwhile, there are some jewels I may like to share with you:

  • You all (male samples..) experienced a quite upset girlfriend claiming your sixpack was transforming into a barrel because of hours spent in front of a gaming session?? Now it is time to put things straight!!! Wii goes to the gym, for the fun and happiness of our entire body!!.. should we say “wow”???
  • As it seems here, Vista is doing kind of fine… mind you, those are the results sent by browsers to web servers.. you do the math, here..
  • Gosh.. you hit the “send” button a second too early and disaster stroke: boss pissed off by the scorny comments, girlfriend saw those photo you thought you sent to your mates.. and on, and on… Mate, you have been saved by the bell, here!!!! OK, it is not a brand new stuff, but you never know, holidays are such a busy and silly time… it may come handy…
  • Africa, the very nest of mankind, is left aside to the evolution we are experiencing today. Internet is little more than a miracle… On the other hand, this situation has little importance when millions are starving.. there is a massive need for real advances, nevermind the Web.. And, please, do not pledge technology will help in sorting out the problem, we may open up a discussion here, but starving to death and having Web potential are not easily liked together, despite the idea of helping poor countries with a “knowledge economy”… dreams are not always what we need to keep going..
  • Just get ready first as, quoting a (in)famous saying, s@#t happens!! This should not happen to companies leveraging their Web presence as the main business driver..never too old to learn!!
  • And finally.. time to go!!!!

Have some great holidays, or at the very least enjoy yourselves during these weeks!! Thanks to all of you, and to all the special and faraway friends gravitating around this space!!!

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  1. July 26, 2007 at 17:47 51

    ciao alessandro, ah però Giappone, ottima meta. allora magari, se nella permamenza nel paese del sol levante ti riesce anche di vestire i panni del cool hunter sarebbe magnifico. Grazie mille e buona vacanza. A presto, fables

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