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Mind the Gap!! The Web, a map, and you…

I believe that, some time ago, we discussed about the role and importance of “shepherds” within the new Web 2.0 environment… that concept has been extended to create the Web 200 Trend map!!

It is funny, tough, that is made upon the intricacies of the Tokyo underground, since I will be there in a matter of days and that assumption does not make me any happier, but is great nonetheless!!!

iA, the Japanese Information Architects group, created the map according to trend lines, and main themes such as Sharing, Main Sites, News, Tools… some biases in putting Baidu and Orkut on the Main Sites line??? SecondLife is farther down the Community line than Hi5, partially cloudy vs. full sunshine…

On top of that, iA stretched itself to forecast the future for each site.. MSN is in a rainy spot, WordPress is shining bright (ehi, there, cheer up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), plus there is also a “usability” ranking, from 0.5 (awful????) to 2.5 (a dream came true???)…

Websurfers are at the center spot….again, the Web is us!!!

Right.. it may be a nice exercise, it may have no scientific value whatsoever, you may disagree with it, but, heck, is a hell of a desktop picture!!!!!!!!!

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  1. August 9, 2007 at 10:50 48

    other map based on the websites world classification carried out by Alexa and ComScore. The websites traffic is correlated with the surface of the countries:

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