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Finger Food (5)

There we are.. Friday… Milan is not hot, is actually boiling! Last eve I went to the gym, out at around 9:30pm, temperature was around 34°.. same thing this morning!!! Will then hit the beach once again, diving is on the agenda and have to get ready for the Japan trip, hoping that there are not bad news coming from the East…

In the meanwhile… some nibbly bits!!!!

  • China is fighting back!!! Internet is there.. and Chinese surfers surpass the US , so will China system resist??? As it seems, there is only the government’s firewall and controlling practices to stop China to fully mingle with the rest of the Internet world… which is good, to mingle, I mean, isn’t it?
  • To keep close with the above… for the third time in its “cavalcata” Google is missing analysts expectations!! And is all about spending money for those bunch of smart engineers… Google hiring frenzy may halt, or we will see the Mountain View behemoth leveraging crowdsourcing someway??? In the meanwhile, GooglePlex may come back on Earth and become a simple corporate HQ rather than an holiday resort for geeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On the other hand, 58% revenue growth may buy some goodies…
  • Ok, the Fox is really running fast!!! And Europe is welcoming it.. what about UK?? (ehehehe.. bad Friday Joke.. just bear with me..)
  • Do you need anything else to see a freakin’ TV show??? I did set my mind over buying a large 42″ display for next winter, and now this.. isn’t so hard to be a tech hipster??
  • Ok, there is an Ocean between US and EU, but what the heck, RIM could also trust we do business in Europe, and we may need 3G (or better still HSDPA) on a so-called business device… nice tough the new BlackBerry..
  • To top that up, it seems that we may have wireless Gigabit transmission in a matter of years.. provided that you, your pc, the wireless card and the whatever-is-called-access-point are all in sight.. right, nice, yep….
  • Anyone for a coffeeeeeee???? Italians still do it better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The coffee, I mean.. thks God it’s Friday, isn’t it???
  • OK, since I am going swimming this weekend, this would be a marvelous opportunity… SecondLife Recruitment on the beach (real one…)!!! Ok, sea in Brighton was freezing cold in August, when I first went there in ’96, never been back but considering global warming situation may have changed…. you know, life is not perfect.. or the Second one is??!??!?!?!? In this case, it seems that SL is not only hype, sex and silly things, as we were lately discussing with a friend!!
  • And to finish that off, how about this??? Le Cirque is looking for people, not to bounce up and down the ionosphere, but rather to get hold of the technology behind the “magic”…. Geeks, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, do your stuff and get some fun too!!!!!!

The week has also been pestered by the madness about the latest Harry Potter book release (mind you, isn’t so nice to believe in fairies??), BusinessWeek online was thumping about the magic of widgets in Web pages (what????), and YouTube has closed down anything related to young video stars… plus silly things such as spaghetti are heading to a 20% increase in pricing since lots of “durum wheat” cultivations in Italy are transformed into corn fields to support biofuel.. aren’t we a great country??!??!!??!

Have a nice week end you all!! Back on Monday!

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