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Catch me if you can, Redmond!!!!

They said that it nicely uses “context data” from my hard drive to pester me with ad hoc advertising…. huh??? what???? Have you come down stuck in a bad trip????

This is, seemingly, the new patent filed by Microsoft to basically create a powerful ad-machine that deeply interacts (intrudes??) with your PC to collate infos and deliver relevant ads.. so, if I download a chess game and I am quite awful at it, I will nicely receive a communication about chess classes in my area???? And, since I am trying to organise my trip over to Japan (if there is still Japan in a fortnight…) I would be “tsunamied” by ads over sushi bar in Tokyo, fake cheap flight offers, geishas in Kyoto (that may come handy, tough…) and loooots of Hello Kitty gatgets???? Wow.. that’s life…

The app would inspect (quote)

user document files, user e-mail files, user music files, downloaded podcasts, computer settings, computer status messages (e.g., a low memory status or low printer ink)…

So… it will be nice to know that every single step of your online life is closely monitored, “bigbrothered” for the sake of selling you stuff… I trust that there is very little consideration for privacy, freedom of choice, boundaries et alia… also, I am actually wandering, ad to spouse the closing line of the article, how this could possibly become a reality, and if so, how long will it take for customers to find and pay a tech geek to hack the pc, disembowel it all and get rid of that “alien” thing inside…

And, above and beyond that, it seems to me that the present success of the entire “internet” and technology thing comes also from the (false???) idea that if not in real life you could be kind of free in cyberspace (ok, little or no difference between the two, as a brand new friend of mine actually pointed out in this thread) and now what? Are we really sure that “information overload” is not an issue? Ads overload is not an issue?? Buy, buy, buy, buy.. someone may get bored after all.. I haven’t bought a single item at Summer sales, since thanks Whatever God I do not need things, I do not get interested in useless things (useless to me, at least), and most of all I feel urged to run the race to sales, you “have” to go for it…. do come along, folks!!!!!!!!!

Are we really thinking about Matrix like scenarios? My needs are, strangely enough, mine, and I trust I want to deal with those when I feel the need to, without someone (someone??? something….) else suggestions…

Is it really so necessary to have everything, immediately, at your doorstep, as to save time (do you remember that thing about the fridge connected to the Web and ordering for you..) … save time… time is the new luxury item, just control your own and use it as you like, also to run down to the nearest pc shop to buy cartridges for your printer, if you really must, and have a chat with the people there… there is a life outside silicium, you know… And it’s mine to play with!

Life is about a long (longish…) journey, the unexpected is its salt, the icing on the cake, and how you deal with it may contribute to determine how good a human being you are, you cannot control everything’s happening and, more so, you should not allow anyone else to do it for you.. ok, getting over weird territories here, still… CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: speaking of ads, guess you should be aware of this.. you never know, sometimes ads may get in the way, results to advertisers could not be the expected ones…….

(text in Italian, but images are worth thousands of words, aren’t they??)

  1. July 20, 2007 at 04:55 43

    Wow. Good find. The bit on privacy…. well, I’ve been reading ‘The Digital Person’ by Solove… this will do good as a reference for that upcoming book review on KnowProSE.

    And the ad stuff…. hilarious. 😀

  2. July 20, 2007 at 07:58 55

    I admit… never read that, guess it will go into the backpack over to Japan!! Overall I thought the MS move was touch above and beyond scary, it is altogether mad!! No use whatsoever to people, a nuisance for most, I cannot see the strategic advantage here (almost).. on the other hand, there are still people clicking on attach such as “penis enlargement”, so I guess that some nutcase may find that an interesting tool… gosh…
    Have a nice weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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