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Alexandria lives in wires..

Some of you already know about the meaning of “88days”.. and thus you know how significant is the entire idea of “library” in my life..

The inception of the Open Library project (demo here) quite clearly opens up a storm of debates, ideas, opinions… Someone is already concerned that this will add to information complexity (links, links, more links???) as it sort of duplicates other efforts, such as GoogleBooks (oh, please…) or Project Gutenberg, others are pointing out the ambition of the Open Library, that is to collate all books and publications in the World (put it in simplistic terms..) plus user generated infos/data.. Users will also be able to download eCopies of books, find bookstores to buy the physical copy, compare pricing and so forth..

Metadata will be handled via futurelib standard (interested?? Here!! you geeks…) and wiki structures will be also used to “manipulate” them..

OK.. it is all a huge tech environment, a massive cooperative work, a super-wiki effort, but you know what?? I love the idea to have the entire (if ever..) production of human intellect (genius and not-so-exceptional..) in a place, is just tremendous..

Now, if you could ever “mashup” that with a metaverse platform, that would be an amazing experience, Alexandria back to life (fine, above and beyond the real one.. ah, joke, that’s Google amazing algorithm playing tricks..get over here…).. or we rather stick to SL virtual topless bar????

You are better than this, aren’t you?????

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