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SecondLife, the awakening?

I will go back and drag out some older posts (such as this, and this, also) … there is a weird little elf wandering around the world, and particularly in the IT and “innovation” (bleah….) environments, called Hype.

Hype is seldom nice, more often is quite annoying, since it goes jumping around and playing with unwary people, teasing them, luring them, to end up twirling away in a laugh, leaving behind a bunch of bewildered spectators.

Hype played quite recently and hard with a streetcar called SecondLife, convincing the entire world that SL was the Arcadia, a newly born Atlantis, the Mountains of the Moon and the Kublai Kahn palace all in one go… and party-goers, adventurers, smart (ahahaha!!!) business men and a plethora of curious and most diverse people embarked in a long journey to the new holy land of endless possibilities..

The “endless” quickly became “numerous”, to mutate into “quite a lot” and shift over the “some” realm … and Hype was already laughing…

Then, as it seems, it came the dawn of all this. Lights over the shadow, clearness over the murky fog Hype casted all over the place.. SL is not the next world, it is not the place to be to make your business flowing with money, it is a great idea that made some people filthy rich and others quite sleepy ’cause of “white” nights spent in sorting out how to fly or what to wear or how big “that” should have been…

To cut it short, an Italian online magazine is quoting the Los Angeles Times (of which I am not a subscribers, therefore no data…) in saying that SecondLife is loosing business appeal, some ventures are selling their empty virtual spaces (a new specimen of “Void” seems to have found SL a nice place to inhabit) and going back to “business as usual”.. lindendollars exchanged are dropping a bit, users or “residents” are not as much as thought or boasted and, most of all, it seems that the awareness of SecondLife being a huge fairground is back into full swing!! Data or further links will possibly follow..

Rightly said, SL is a fantasy world, and users/resident want to mainly do fantasy things.. which is fair, since the very first definition of all this was belonging to the Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG… what the heck…cannot even say that, nevermind playing it..) kingdom!! And, incidentally, it seems that there are a plethora of new places to be (almost like those happy hours bars in Milan..) such as There, Entropia Universe, and even a spectacular (who said that???) Barbie Girls!! Plus guests…

It is also fair to assume that, given the work and good job Hype did nonetheless, the business environment but even more the social space and interaction may have a boost from the First SecondLife (are we going mad here??) and transform some experiences into an even more interesting mashup of things (e.g. Google Earth and the possibility to mash it up with SL features so to dive into a place/city/museum/park/whatever and enjoy it..) and thus end users experience.

But, please, leave our wallets to rest in peace and let us fly over the Grand Canyon, much appreciated, thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE. Incidentally, this came with the mail.. Time is not liking SL at all.. pathetic seems harsh, as the final comments about “CEO trying too hard to be hip..” but guess it may be kind of true.. no names…

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