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Green is the next black????

Ok, we saw Al making movies, we heard nice music for 24hrs in a row, from all over the planet, we start thinking about all those plastic bottles in our waste, we care.

These guys, and lots others, are actually using the Power of Web 2.0 and social networking to raise the point, or the bar, whatever they want to raise…

As usual, I tend to be slightly argumentative: I haven’t read anything about how do they make the site eco-friendly, how “green” is the IT behind the show, whether they thought about it or not, whether this all brand new net-world we are all creating, travelling, surfing we believe comes for free or, rather, has got a price in IT polluting potential and we know it… just consider all facets, before trumpeting around pointlessly, simply washing up consciences here and there ..

Ah, btw, welcome back to work.. 38° outside..

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