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Finger food (4)

 There we are, time is passing at warp-speed and Friday is again flashing on your agenda, so let’s keep up with the Joneses and there it is, Friday Finger Food!!!!

  • It is not even on and iPhone has already got its nice helping of security troubles!!! How lovely is this???
  • Using SecondLife to put in good shape the FirstLife?? wow… everyone’s care about the Planet today, regardless the fact that up until yesterday most of the green-people were thinking about something else driving a SUV…
  • Google helps Arsenio Lupin!!! This is absolutely fantastic!! I love creativity, and these guys should be hired as “crisis managers”!!!
  • Me, myself and I.. nevermind the social networks, it is all about the individual.. Guess we already spoke about the Net being a huge mashup of 1.3 billion pieces..
  • And, whilst I play with myself, Google plays with the entire social ecosystem, trying another hyper-controller/aggregator/disassembler/reassembler/whatever you may call it.. (sorry, link in Italian but, if you are interested, just Google about Google.. it may cause a crack in Web time-space, who knows!!!)
  • OK, some of us may be getting slightly oldish, for others this does not ring any bell, however Commodore is back!! There have been rumors for ages.. pretty good step up from those 64k…
  • Happy birthday to youuuu, happy birthday dear Virus, happy birthday toooooooo youuuuuuuu!!!! Our beloved friend, the PC virus, is growing into adulthood, turning its 25!!!!

That’s all for today.. plenty of other silly news, from ISPs pledging innocence on the contents flying over their wires, to a likely WiFi capability on Zune and iPod, Pamela Anderson on SL supporting PETA, and other absurdities …

Milan is back on the 30° spot, sun is shining and I will hit the beach once again in a matter of hours, despite the horrendous traffic in  and out the city, and will start planning for my gift-list, my birthday is getting closer… and are not 25!!!!!

Have fun, back on Monday!!

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