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Urban Indiana Jones anyone???

I trust that all of us at some stage in childhood had really believed that there was a map, an ancient piece of paper, discolored by aging, with hints and riddles and tortuous winding paths leading you to a treasure… that was so beautifully romantic, those children believing there was adventure ahead of everyday life, just waiting..

As it seems, the treasure today is the closest retailer/bar/restaurant/rubbish seller nearby your one-square-meter spot in an unspecified city somewhere around the world (if you are a lucky traveler..), and the only aging you are dealing with is about your mobile phone that may not be able to make the most out of the new Google Map mashups!!!!!!!

What about the marvelous  feeling you have inside when you are in a brand new place, completely at your disposal to discover.. and you start wandering around, you meet people,and  mutter some words in a strange language you have learned the basics of, just to see whether you are able to find the nearest loo or you rather go and hit the park… I love being lost, and see what happens…

However, quite understandably the evolution of G-Maps into a super powerful mashup leaves open a wealth of opportunities and creative ideas..

I wonder… do you reckon that map thing will show you all the lampposts in the street you are walking about with your nose stuck down over the screen of your latest, tremendously expensive smart phone??

Or you just “turn left” and smash your head so badly into that infamous and technologically invisible lamppost  you desperately need the nearest hospital??!?!?! And, eureka, you start patting yourself on the back, since you bought that phone, installed the maps mashup and the rest, or otherwise, how could you possibly know the whereabouts of an hospital in an unknown city???

Gosh, how lucky you are…

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