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The Instanbul Declaration: measuring progress..

This is really interesting..

In Instanbul the OECD and a number of international organisation have gathered and came out with some directions on how to foster and support the progress of societies leveraging data and information..

Broadly speaking, the Declaration should improve amongst countries the data sharing of a range of indicators, from wealth to healthcare to climate changes, as to improve knowledge and cater for better and more efficient policy making procedures. Also, some ideas and suggestions point into the usage of Web 2.0 tools such as wikis as to improve and enlarge citizens participation into the whole process.

So, the actual digital divide is the issue to tackle now, otherwise the above scenario is a nice bunch of lovely ideas.. OK, for once I do not want to play the devil’s advocate, so kudos to the above initiative, pretty cool if some “information ivory towers” come tumbling down…

Let’s see.. an ancient rule is about rich being richer and poor poorer overtime, but who knows, things may change…

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