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Nanotech will free us!!

At least nanotech may actually free us from that plethora of overpaid, illiterate and always-complaining-and-moaning human beings called “football players”, in the name of which we commit the most atrocious and quite often hilarious silliness.

At Georgia Tech campus the first World Tournament of NanoSoccer (or whatever you may call it..), played by “footballers” six times smaller than an amoeba. For those of you that have never mastered a science class ’till the end of high school, an amoeba is tiny, real small, above and beyond midgets, a living fraction!!!!! The Tournament clarified that, after Alinghi in the America’s Cup and Federer at Wimbledon, this is the Swiss time (ehehehehe, time, swiss… ok, stupid joke..). There is a nice video here, and for the very interested and highly numerate amongst us, here some details!!

Beside the obvious jokes, of which I will not give you any hints, here we have a massive breathrough in terms of possibility and applications in manufacturing industry and biotech.. which incidentally seems to be the industry of the future to look at. A little twitch in this idyllic scenario is the Doctor Strangelove attitude of some human beings that make me think we may actually not go at all to the realm of the “creation” or anything as such… however, should the human being behave properly, this is a tremendous opportunity to solve few issues:

  1. someone said nanotech would make an ally over curing some distruptive diseases (almost like you manipulate an army at your will to destroy “bad cells” and “enemies” most horrid);
  2. secondly, we may have a decent TV programming on a Sunday evening since all those stupid football commenters should not be able to utter a word about nanotech..

Above and beyond that, this all amazes me, mankind is such an interesting bunch of creativity and genius is a shame it should all end up thanks to a self inflicted 6° Earth overheating ….

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