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Walls are tumbling down.. and someone doesn’t like it!!!

We all know that the innovation, no, better still, the evolution of the Web environment (innovation is boring..) towards the 2.0 ecosystem is basically referring to the “socialisation” of the Web and the enabling of content/info creation/sharing and distribution by users. Also, lots and lots of the power clustering that currently make up the economy canvass may actually be challenged by the empowerment of individuals.. that is simplistically put, but there we are..

Enterprise are also scared, as it seems in this article, by the loss of power centrality the 2.0 ecosystem may actually causes. That would have been normal should the comment refers to, say, less Web-developed countries, but not the US!! Still, it allows for some after-thoughts, first of all that we all live surrounded by an old oligarchic system that is desperately trying to put back all the stones coming down from tumbling walls. Question is: are we going to allow them to exhaust in the effort and thus simply disappear or are we helping them out instead???

I rather go for the second option, since the first may take quite a longer time (survival instinct may do a great deal, here..), that meaning that the unstoppable growth of a different ecosystem should be also supported by a much higher awareness level of the inappropriateness of walled gardens and closed circuit efforts, in favor of a more “communal” approach to market growth and best practice sharing.

It is rather common knowledge the fact that the usual markets are kind of stressed out, and we are all in dire needs of new territories to explore.. and in these New Worlds the 2.0 concepts are more easily accepted (green field approach), thus setting the entry pace: either you accept it or you are out. Since there are options, since there is no such a thing as a monopoly offering, since the World is unarguably ONE. Market, place to live, place to share. Take it or leave it.

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