A game is a game…

You do remember the hype generated by the announcement regarding the launch of the new PlayStation 3??

The sleek, ultra powerful gaming machine attracted everyone’s attention, tons of lines of blogging and ePress were spent in chanting the praise of the Japanese miracle drug for gamers. It could do everything, and someone said even Starbucks was kind of worried PS3 could have prepared a better Frappuccino (which, to an Italian, is a nonsense..frappuccino…what the heck…). (This is a Joke, btw….) (Just in case you were wandering how did happen you missed the news about “starbucks and the PS3”..).

On a day in early July 2007, in a far far away galaxy, Sony decided to cut down its hefty PS3 starting price by a nice 17% (which, again to an Italian, is not such a lucky number to choose, thus we expect a worse turnaround of Sony’s gaming consolle fate…), for anything else but a competitive move to counterattack the Nintendo Wii.

Now, this is a HUGE lesson to learn.

Nintendo Wii, you all know, is not the most powerful, the fastest, the anything -est in the gaming consolle market, is just simple, almost basic graphics compared to PS3 and Xbox, but utterly simple fun to enjoy!!

Simple, fun. Not powerful, fast. Simple, fun. That’s it.

Wii also boasts that sort of harrypotterish magic wand to play tricks with, so you can master whatever game without being a Indu goddess with eight arms and hands and an incredible number of fingers… you don’t have to master lots of different controls, you just play, and possibly enjoy. End. Period.

Now, that sounds to me very much like the answer of the marketplace to a “gaming overload”. Lesson to be learned: bigger is not always better, nor it is an automatic market success. Translate that into the Web 2.0 kingdom, and you may find yourself with some nice answers to questions that were puzzling you ever since you first heard “secondlife” or “myspace”… (where you really all that puzzled?? Sad, too sad mate, get out, sun is shining!!!). Being a Critical User (as in an older posting of mine) means to be able to make informed choices, and most of all it means you will not be carried away by hypes..

It is not all set, people are smarter than 2.0 gurus, and life is still made by emotions, people, fun and laughter, not by bytes only!!! Beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: reading through the article, and still they don’t get it.. it is not a matter of pricing, the guy playing Wii IS NOT the guy playing PS3, those are two different user experiences!!

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