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Finger Food (3)

Friday!!! Finally…. Milan is steaming with around 30° and is barely passed 10am, the weekend ahead looks promising, weather reports are solidly on the “fair” and, hopefully, I should be able to hit the coast, go swimming and do some trail running over some hills in Liguria…

Nevermind that, it is also about time for your weekly helping of “finger food”, so there we are:

  • The fox hit Seattle!! Firefox has overtaken IE .. OK, over the O’Reilly site accesses, still, it is nice to know and, as Tim said in his post (see down the line..) quite often O’Reilly readers are “good predictors..”.. we will see, still kudos to Mozilla!!!
  • What about my hut on the beach??? As it seems, hi tech homes are on the boom side.. hope there won’t be issues with electromagnetic fields at the end of the road.. nevertheless, I rather have my hut on a South Asian beach, maybe with Internet access as to have early tsunami warnings.. nothing’s perfect on Earth, you know…
  • Europeans want it bigger??? Nanotech in Europe is as floppy as a potato souffleé when you open up the oven to check whether it grows properly… problem is the usual one, we want to play with the big guys and we are not as fit as they are (read: venture capital..).. right, let’s stick with the use of nanoparticles for hairconditioning, that’s a mankind advance we can’t really overlook, can we???
  • Social networks are different… that’s something we needed to know badly!! So MySpace and FaceBook are hitting different user clusters and may actually survive in cyberspace nicely together… so what?????? My guess is they are both “old”, you cannot do anything meaningful on either but trying to be the next Whomever kind of famous.. like playing at the Lottery every Saturday.. unless you have a couple of nice boobs.. ok, unfair and politically awful comment.. still… not very far from the target, isn’t it???
  • A clear message to the car industry.. how to cut down CO2 emission.. have you seen the mess happening yesterday for the actual launch of the new FIAT 500??? 7 (some insiders say 12…) million spent for an event looking like the opening of the Olympics, and you believe they care??? Nice one, mate, nice one…
  • First European Virtual World conference, to be held in London next October.. tremendously good location, down in some of Soho’s back streets there are pretty nice virtual worlds already.. still, that sounds like a not-to-be-missed event.. will see..
  • Love this one!! Egosurfing!!! Mind you, it is weird the guy gets so surprised about that.. employers do google you before any hiring attempts, I have been headhunted for a job post in Dubai because of (or thanks to..) Google, so what’s the story??? It is nonetheless a nice one.. have you ever googlefighted against your boss??? EHEHEHEHEH, do it.. EgoBrushing, EgoPampering, call it whatever you may like!!!!
  • And this is just nice to look at!! Ol’ times.. beware MacBook!!! …joking.. buying one sparkling white MacBook next week, mind you…

Right.. time to work the next couple of hours off and hit the road to the nearest beach!!

Have a great weekend, all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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