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IT, eGovernment and how easy it is to be ridiculous!

Supposedly, Italy is amongst the most advanced countries on Earth. Despite this is a quite debatable argument, there we are.

I believe that, also given the example of some Nordic countries and AngloSaxon dependencies across the world, a well developed country also boasts a superior Public Administration system. This is such a “needless to say” statement that I feel ashamed in writing it down, yet it is fundamental since Italy hasn’t got such a basic feature!

Nevertheless, we have a strong Information Technology system in place, or at least a humongous one, fairly expensive and cumbersome, according to new information coming directly from the “IT arm” of the government. Or whatever CNIPA does for a living..

For all non-Italian speakers, it seems that we have a server armory as large as 10 football pitches, that is 1.033 data centers, 31 mainframes, 9.600 application servers and 7.300 IT professionals serving it, and this also accounts for a yearly expenditure of 450 million Euros. Quite a bit.

Whereas it could be referred at as a truly ridiculous amount of money, energy and efforts if you also consider that the entire ecosystem has been dubbed as “insecure” (I bet..), in dare need of rationalisation (really????) and personnel qualification. That is. ALSO, it is very interesting to notice that all those servers are actually gathering very sensitive information about citizens and public infrastructure, and all those information are not secure in terms of privacy, are easily printable and distributable, and as an old journalist research made in the Rome Public Court offices and premises, infos are scattered to the millions all over the place (literally, in boxes…), and you can easily read about court judgments, personal files, bank accounts, divorce causes and whatever else.. (Google for a “la Repubblica”journalist inquiry in the Rome Court of Justice..)

That is also because we tend to skip the use of electronic communication highways (with all that stuff in place?????? gosh..), and we do print a ridiculous amount of paper, most definitely rubbish that goes into the bin in the first hour of its life on this planet. It has been calculated that, putting together public and private offices, Italians produce something like 50 billion printed pages a year that go down the drain, as said, in the first 60′ from printing, that equals to almost one billion Euro lost (€1bn.. ) and 1 million trees disintegrated to print out a huge stack of droppings.. Say that, roughly, that also accounts for a 3 to 5-6% of a standard “Financial Law” in Italy.. that amount on wasted paper that could be avoided to withdraw from anywhere else, this including my wage, to put public accounts in good shape..

Now, we are not talking here about a “digital divide” but rather “cultural chasm” that needs to be addressed at lightning speed, at least to defend ourselves from being totally ridiculous when we boast conferences about INNOVATION, about eGOVERNMENT, and we go hours and hours delirating about SecondLife and Web 2.0.. we haven’t even sorted out properly, as a country, the First Life, and Web 1.0, please do come along…

Also, that is a huge waste of public money, a disintegration of private profits, this without considering the massive wound inflicted to the planet, nevermind Kyoto….

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