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Control freak!!!!!!!!!

Google goes shopping!

Altogether, this sounds like another move of the Fantastic Duo to increase the impact of the company over critical areas of corporate and customer lives. Control is everything, mankind has been obsessed with control since … ever, to come to that, and thus here we are!!

Google organises everything, like an obsessed butler, from news to images to email in nice threads, to anything that can be boxed and restored at will. Now is about time of all your communication numbers, as if all of us had plenty of numbers and such busy and important lives as not to miss a call, or a conversation or whatever else..

I remember to have read that something like three quarters of calls are actually about the Big Nothing, useless blurbs, meaningless use of words, and above and beyond that timing was not really an issue for those calls.. so, what’s all this fuss about???

And, furthermore, why on earth all this control-freak stuff???? Are we really liking the fact that we are always connected, always available, always ready, always always always…

What about my time?

Do you remember a very recent adv from BMW? Are you still able to loose yourself?

Nice thought, isn’t it??

And, by the way, we are NOT able to control everything, and efforts in this directions are fruitless.. but we know that already, don’t we??!?!?

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