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Ol’ days finally ended, time to move on…

You all know you cannot follow everything and everyone… so it didn’t strike me until today and by utter chance that mid May my old employer Datamonitor was bought by Informa..

Do you believe me that this is a very emotional news altogether? Datamonitor was my first step in the market research and consulting industry, it was my first real job in London and it is about the very starting point of all I do represent today, for myself and for a bunch of very, very important people (important to me at least).

It is something like the final curtain over a time that is no longer, over my favorite bits of life, over a lots of things that are set deep into myself.. that was the place I used to go back when reality was somewhat unpleasant, when you had to dig for a little sparkle of energy, that was the place of my most precious treasures.

So, that is finally closed, at least in real terms, that London is no longer there, time to move on. But I will have another bit of stuff to carry on. Bag is a little bit heavier, today.

Am I allowed to say that I am sad?

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