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Ease and beauty

Finally… I must say that I haven’t slept nicely for quite a while, but now my nights will be heavenly again…

Apple launched, shops received, people bought the fab iPhone, and as it seems in pretty good numbers!

My question is: so what? I mean, it is a sleek piece of tech, a nice device, pretty cool features, nice software and the usual Apple fashion inside out, yet it may not change anyone’s life.. is a bloody phone after all!!

Now, seriously, this will help the overall industry in any way? Maybe yes. Will it become the new success Stevie may have under his belt, aka brand new iPod big bro? Maybe not. Will it speed some services adoption? Possibly. Thing is operators should pretty much understand the ease of a flat tariff, the beauty of hassle-free navigation, the impact of a worriless Mobile Internet experience.

The actual Apple lesson may be summarised into one, single word: ease. It does not exclude, but actually is composed by, genius, intuition, skill, envisioning and lots of other nice words.

But, for the argument’s sake, let’s got with that one, no others, just those four letters. Why on Earth all the rest of the industry cannot follow suit is beyond me. The faith of the Cupertino giant was revamped and added with bells and whistles thanks to a superior “ease” of buying and listening to music, ease of buying and setting up a notebook or desktop computer, ease, ease, ease.

And, as some of the fashion designers teach us, something simple may actually be stunningly gorgeous. Ease and beauty.

It is not all that difficult, isn’t it??

OK.. it is, nevertheless it is nice to know it may happen!

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