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Finger Food (6) but…It is holiday time, for real!!!!

July 26, 2007 1 comment

There we are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is holiday time, at least for me…The last year has been quite strange, hectic sometimes, some days has been boring to death… However, since the launch (launch??? Isn’t a bit too much??) of this blog I have seen a little community gathering around, and it has been marvelous to see it growing, and it has been surprisingly great to try and write for others, instead of taking notes for my sake only… lots of you already passed this stage, I believe, so you do know what I am telling you now.. still, I felt honored and, why not, pleased to see the interest in 88days..

I will have my 40th birthday tomorrow, then will leave to Japan, where I will spent the next three weeks… it all sounds exciting, and I would like to write about it and keep news rolling, do not know at this stage whether that will be feasible or not, but believe me, you will read about my Japanese adventure pretty soon!!!

In the meanwhile, there are some jewels I may like to share with you:

  • You all (male samples..) experienced a quite upset girlfriend claiming your sixpack was transforming into a barrel because of hours spent in front of a gaming session?? Now it is time to put things straight!!! Wii goes to the gym, for the fun and happiness of our entire body!!.. should we say “wow”???
  • As it seems here, Vista is doing kind of fine… mind you, those are the results sent by browsers to web servers.. you do the math, here..
  • Gosh.. you hit the “send” button a second too early and disaster stroke: boss pissed off by the scorny comments, girlfriend saw those photo you thought you sent to your mates.. and on, and on… Mate, you have been saved by the bell, here!!!! OK, it is not a brand new stuff, but you never know, holidays are such a busy and silly time… it may come handy…
  • Africa, the very nest of mankind, is left aside to the evolution we are experiencing today. Internet is little more than a miracle… On the other hand, this situation has little importance when millions are starving.. there is a massive need for real advances, nevermind the Web.. And, please, do not pledge technology will help in sorting out the problem, we may open up a discussion here, but starving to death and having Web potential are not easily liked together, despite the idea of helping poor countries with a “knowledge economy”… dreams are not always what we need to keep going..
  • Just get ready first as, quoting a (in)famous saying, s@#t happens!! This should not happen to companies leveraging their Web presence as the main business driver..never too old to learn!!
  • And finally.. time to go!!!!

Have some great holidays, or at the very least enjoy yourselves during these weeks!! Thanks to all of you, and to all the special and faraway friends gravitating around this space!!!

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Mind the Gap!! The Web, a map, and you…

July 25, 2007 1 comment

I believe that, some time ago, we discussed about the role and importance of “shepherds” within the new Web 2.0 environment… that concept has been extended to create the Web 200 Trend map!!

It is funny, tough, that is made upon the intricacies of the Tokyo underground, since I will be there in a matter of days and that assumption does not make me any happier, but is great nonetheless!!!

iA, the Japanese Information Architects group, created the map according to trend lines, and main themes such as Sharing, Main Sites, News, Tools… some biases in putting Baidu and Orkut on the Main Sites line??? SecondLife is farther down the Community line than Hi5, partially cloudy vs. full sunshine…

On top of that, iA stretched itself to forecast the future for each site.. MSN is in a rainy spot, WordPress is shining bright (ehi, there, cheer up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), plus there is also a “usability” ranking, from 0.5 (awful????) to 2.5 (a dream came true???)…

Websurfers are at the center spot….again, the Web is us!!!

Right.. it may be a nice exercise, it may have no scientific value whatsoever, you may disagree with it, but, heck, is a hell of a desktop picture!!!!!!!!!

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The Web is us.. damn!!!!

July 24, 2007 1 comment

This was nice to read.. For once, there is a massive attack to the social aspect of the Web 2.0, dubbing the whole phenomenon and the new actors as a cyberswamp, which is despite the meaning a tremendous image of the current Internet!!!! ….writers…

However, the whole debate seems to head to the unprofessional status of most Web contributors, bloggers et alia, and Andrew Keen claims

the intellectual quality of what the crowd produces is very low.

I may concede this could also be true… on the other hand, media as a whole (considering that Keen reasoning is about Internet as a “Whole”) are quite arguably producing high value inputs and analysis, cultural advances and critical agoras. I have to stress the proliferation of TV shows for “peepers” such as Big Brother and sons, talk shows the highest point of which is whether someone’s big boobs are a fake or whether someone’s neighbor did such an baaaad thing to sleep with the gardener, I hear every single day politicians demolishing every possible rule of grammar and common sense, newspapers are quite often guided by the nearest interest (political turnaround), critics do critic about something they have never ever experienced (SecondLife is an example a friend is pinpointing here).

So, let’s not trail on that, the official holders of knowledge, the Druids of XXI Century are not really the “professional” I dare say… and “Amateurs”, as he seems to like calling most of Web 2.0 contributors, may actually be exactly that, simple people interested in a subject and willing to write down opinions, BUT:

  • you are not obliged to read that stuff;
  • if you do and you don’t like it you may want to say something, to the author and to your community (“beware of b@&&@cks…”), thus limiting the news viral spreading;
  • you may want also to respond with your immense knowledge and scorn the poor chap;
  • if you read it, and it is all utter rubbish, and “since it is on the Web it must be true” is your first thought, then you need serious help and lots of tender loving care (try “rehab from Web pollution” kind of therapy!!)

In a few words, people are left with a brain and some critical attitude as well, we deserve what we get and we may want to trust and believe what is more comfortable with our current train of life events and the environment we live in, however we are always free to challenge, refuse and debate.

And, who knows, should you being not totally “naif” yourself, you may put together so called “experts” vision and the “amateurs” one and come up with your own conclusions… it may be nice, have a go… and we may also want to pay for contents, but who says those very contents are worthwhile? As of today, most often the community, your peers, your trusted acquaintances… the main asset of Web 2.0 is the “power of referral”… have a thought on that.. what is “true” is no longer what someone unknown and lost in a far, far away editorial unit says it is, but what the people I believe in say it may be..

Thus, what is intrinsically interesting about the Web itself and the “social” aspect of Web 2.0 is the potential to gather “another person’s version of the truth” (a selected one, mind you!!! Selected by you, incidentally..) as Keen said, simply to challenge ours, and see whether we are comfortable where we are or else…fair enough, we cannot consider every whiff the forerunner of a massive hurricane.. but to keep steady in your belief you may want to challenge them every now and then, and who knows, maybe there is someone out there able to put us against ourselves…

Despite all wishes and desires, nobody’s got the Holy Grail in his hands, questioning about all aspects in life actually drove evolution and, as it seems, if we have always believed what the establishment told us, we could still trust the Sun was circling the Earth.. it doesn’t, does it?????

Finger Food (5)

July 20, 2007 Leave a comment

There we are.. Friday… Milan is not hot, is actually boiling! Last eve I went to the gym, out at around 9:30pm, temperature was around 34°.. same thing this morning!!! Will then hit the beach once again, diving is on the agenda and have to get ready for the Japan trip, hoping that there are not bad news coming from the East…

In the meanwhile… some nibbly bits!!!!

  • China is fighting back!!! Internet is there.. and Chinese surfers surpass the US , so will China system resist??? As it seems, there is only the government’s firewall and controlling practices to stop China to fully mingle with the rest of the Internet world… which is good, to mingle, I mean, isn’t it?
  • To keep close with the above… for the third time in its “cavalcata” Google is missing analysts expectations!! And is all about spending money for those bunch of smart engineers… Google hiring frenzy may halt, or we will see the Mountain View behemoth leveraging crowdsourcing someway??? In the meanwhile, GooglePlex may come back on Earth and become a simple corporate HQ rather than an holiday resort for geeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On the other hand, 58% revenue growth may buy some goodies…
  • Ok, the Fox is really running fast!!! And Europe is welcoming it.. what about UK?? (ehehehe.. bad Friday Joke.. just bear with me..)
  • Do you need anything else to see a freakin’ TV show??? I did set my mind over buying a large 42″ display for next winter, and now this.. isn’t so hard to be a tech hipster??
  • Ok, there is an Ocean between US and EU, but what the heck, RIM could also trust we do business in Europe, and we may need 3G (or better still HSDPA) on a so-called business device… nice tough the new BlackBerry..
  • To top that up, it seems that we may have wireless Gigabit transmission in a matter of years.. provided that you, your pc, the wireless card and the whatever-is-called-access-point are all in sight.. right, nice, yep….
  • Anyone for a coffeeeeeee???? Italians still do it better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The coffee, I mean.. thks God it’s Friday, isn’t it???
  • OK, since I am going swimming this weekend, this would be a marvelous opportunity… SecondLife Recruitment on the beach (real one…)!!! Ok, sea in Brighton was freezing cold in August, when I first went there in ’96, never been back but considering global warming situation may have changed…. you know, life is not perfect.. or the Second one is??!??!?!?!? In this case, it seems that SL is not only hype, sex and silly things, as we were lately discussing with a friend!!
  • And to finish that off, how about this??? Le Cirque is looking for people, not to bounce up and down the ionosphere, but rather to get hold of the technology behind the “magic”…. Geeks, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, do your stuff and get some fun too!!!!!!

The week has also been pestered by the madness about the latest Harry Potter book release (mind you, isn’t so nice to believe in fairies??), BusinessWeek online was thumping about the magic of widgets in Web pages (what????), and YouTube has closed down anything related to young video stars… plus silly things such as spaghetti are heading to a 20% increase in pricing since lots of “durum wheat” cultivations in Italy are transformed into corn fields to support biofuel.. aren’t we a great country??!??!!??!

Have a nice week end you all!! Back on Monday!

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Catch me if you can, Redmond!!!!

July 19, 2007 2 comments

They said that it nicely uses “context data” from my hard drive to pester me with ad hoc advertising…. huh??? what???? Have you come down stuck in a bad trip????

This is, seemingly, the new patent filed by Microsoft to basically create a powerful ad-machine that deeply interacts (intrudes??) with your PC to collate infos and deliver relevant ads.. so, if I download a chess game and I am quite awful at it, I will nicely receive a communication about chess classes in my area???? And, since I am trying to organise my trip over to Japan (if there is still Japan in a fortnight…) I would be “tsunamied” by ads over sushi bar in Tokyo, fake cheap flight offers, geishas in Kyoto (that may come handy, tough…) and loooots of Hello Kitty gatgets???? Wow.. that’s life…

The app would inspect (quote)

user document files, user e-mail files, user music files, downloaded podcasts, computer settings, computer status messages (e.g., a low memory status or low printer ink)…

So… it will be nice to know that every single step of your online life is closely monitored, “bigbrothered” for the sake of selling you stuff… I trust that there is very little consideration for privacy, freedom of choice, boundaries et alia… also, I am actually wandering, ad to spouse the closing line of the article, how this could possibly become a reality, and if so, how long will it take for customers to find and pay a tech geek to hack the pc, disembowel it all and get rid of that “alien” thing inside…

And, above and beyond that, it seems to me that the present success of the entire “internet” and technology thing comes also from the (false???) idea that if not in real life you could be kind of free in cyberspace (ok, little or no difference between the two, as a brand new friend of mine actually pointed out in this thread) and now what? Are we really sure that “information overload” is not an issue? Ads overload is not an issue?? Buy, buy, buy, buy.. someone may get bored after all.. I haven’t bought a single item at Summer sales, since thanks Whatever God I do not need things, I do not get interested in useless things (useless to me, at least), and most of all I feel urged to run the race to sales, you “have” to go for it…. do come along, folks!!!!!!!!!

Are we really thinking about Matrix like scenarios? My needs are, strangely enough, mine, and I trust I want to deal with those when I feel the need to, without someone (someone??? something….) else suggestions…

Is it really so necessary to have everything, immediately, at your doorstep, as to save time (do you remember that thing about the fridge connected to the Web and ordering for you..) … save time… time is the new luxury item, just control your own and use it as you like, also to run down to the nearest pc shop to buy cartridges for your printer, if you really must, and have a chat with the people there… there is a life outside silicium, you know… And it’s mine to play with!

Life is about a long (longish…) journey, the unexpected is its salt, the icing on the cake, and how you deal with it may contribute to determine how good a human being you are, you cannot control everything’s happening and, more so, you should not allow anyone else to do it for you.. ok, getting over weird territories here, still… CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: speaking of ads, guess you should be aware of this.. you never know, sometimes ads may get in the way, results to advertisers could not be the expected ones…….

(text in Italian, but images are worth thousands of words, aren’t they??)

Alexandria lives in wires..

July 18, 2007 Leave a comment

Some of you already know about the meaning of “88days”.. and thus you know how significant is the entire idea of “library” in my life..

The inception of the Open Library project (demo here) quite clearly opens up a storm of debates, ideas, opinions… Someone is already concerned that this will add to information complexity (links, links, more links???) as it sort of duplicates other efforts, such as GoogleBooks (oh, please…) or Project Gutenberg, others are pointing out the ambition of the Open Library, that is to collate all books and publications in the World (put it in simplistic terms..) plus user generated infos/data.. Users will also be able to download eCopies of books, find bookstores to buy the physical copy, compare pricing and so forth..

Metadata will be handled via futurelib standard (interested?? Here!! you geeks…) and wiki structures will be also used to “manipulate” them..

OK.. it is all a huge tech environment, a massive cooperative work, a super-wiki effort, but you know what?? I love the idea to have the entire (if ever..) production of human intellect (genius and not-so-exceptional..) in a place, is just tremendous..

Now, if you could ever “mashup” that with a metaverse platform, that would be an amazing experience, Alexandria back to life (fine, above and beyond the real one.. ah, joke, that’s Google amazing algorithm playing tricks..get over here…).. or we rather stick to SL virtual topless bar????

You are better than this, aren’t you?????

SecondLife: now that’s silly…

July 18, 2007 5 comments

My latest post was about SL being slightly trashed by media since its tech structure is no longer an experience but a pain, that the entire thing is loosing business momentum and so forth..

Now this is .. what?? Silly?!?!?!?!?! Your immense virtual world shrinking the size of a say 3-inches screen (or about..)?? To do what??? A mobile SL experience???

Mind you, if this is pretty much along the line of something I read some time ago, pointing out that metaverses, including SL, are avatar-based substitutes of email and instant messaging, now that would make a lot of sense… maybe “a lot” is rather strong, it makes some sense..

So, the entire thing would somewhat turn from being the future of us all into a massive, glittery communication platform, quite interactive indeed?? An immense client base???

That’s a thought..