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Web 2.0, eBeings overload and a big burst??

The current appearance of Web 2.0 developments is the most “friendly” way to disseminate a much powerful social interaction disruptive advance. From a bit-based interactivity (machine to machine, with humans – including intangibles such as feelings – in the background), the virtual worlds (metaverse) are re-positioning a “simulacra” (avatar) of humanity as the main mean of interaction.

Web forms are transformed into living eBeings.

The main driver, once again, is social interaction. All today top-flyers Web sites are about social interactions, the growth of technology supports (broadband, mobility et alia) is underpinned by the need of more effective social interactions. Virtual worlds represent these trends at their best.

However, as in all technology advance with a significant social impact, there are, and always will be, different layers of adoptions (at the very least for the next decade). Users will be broadly segmented into Systematic Users, who will immediately dig into the new features, swapping massively from legacy technology / social interactions and Critical Users, those who will approach new features as a potential alternative to fit into a consolidated pattern of legacy technology / social interaction.

Today, at least for the “First World” (in Web terms), basic computing technology is embedded into the society as any other “utility”, since it is considered normal to switch on a PC and be able to browse the Internet almost as much as we expect “light” when turning on a switch.

The evolutionary step is about leveraging users’ capability to segment the Web into subnetworks, by interest / community / language or any other user defined filter. This actually causes an uncontrolled (almost) surge of communal conscience, opinions, actions, which are all composed by several, shared and accepted “single” views.

Therefore, today’s Internet champions are those companies and corporations able to create a “working table” for users, and those that are exploiting the “communal conscience” to create or recreate the users’ experience up to their will and desires.

There is a sharp shift in the concept of “value”, “interaction”, and as it seems Internet velocity is a factor to determine evolution of society.

Or is it like someone is arguing about, this is all but a faster way to a “disevolution” of the social canvass, since we are heading towards connection overload, scarce quality and utmost lack of attention???

Guess what? Either way this is all going to change.. which is fun nonetheless!!

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