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From eSociety to meSociety and the new 2.0 emotional disturbs

So, at the end of the game, it is all about a huge amount of Me mixing together.. there is not such a thing as an eSociety but a rather large club of Me, lots of Me, a plethora of identities sticking together, quite randomly in fact.

And the weirdest thing is the arousing of a new set of emotional troubles, of personal inadequacies, of virtual pathologies. I have already met someone that was complaining he/she (let’s keep it a flat assumption for now..) was not able to “compete” (exact word, pure verbatim) with some other “virtual” egos. That is freaky.

It is the absolute contrary of what I have been expecting from this evolution (ahahahahah, nice one, then…), as the absolute freedom and anonymity of the virtual ecosystem would have allowed anyone to interact regardless what we thought was a limit: sex, age, random colors, level of body fat or absence of it, anything that was helpful until that very moment to create barriers.. ah, yes, let’s be up to date, also religion.

But we missed the entire point here: it is not physical, is damn virtual!!! And human beings are confrontational by nature… so now you are “digitally inadequate”!!! You do not blog, you don’t buy on eBay, never been on SecondLife, you do not have avatars, efriends, flickr accounts and the sort? You Looser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can’t survive with 15.659 friends on mySpace, how dare you not to have that amount of useless connections under your belt?? Just a bunch of real friends in the proximity?? Bleah…..

In the meanwhile, whilst writing that, I am chatting away with my dear friend George, who is in this very moment in New Orleans….

You can be choosy also in cyberspace, you can be fully yourself here in virtual world and out, into that scary place called life. The first one, mind. We are all grand, regardless the models that someone or a lot of someones together try and force in our lives. Do whatever you like, and first and foremost enjoy it, and nevermind you avatar!!!

More to come.

  1. August 28, 2007 at 18:14 30

    And my question on facebook (Taran Rampersad) is, ‘how much methane does your social network produce?’


  2. August 29, 2007 at 08:00 13

    That is one major concern, considering the green house effect that may have… we should all be utterly concerned about!!!!!!!!!


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