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We can do better…

As you know, Friday is almost weekend… almost… so you browse around, look at interesting things to read through and take back for the WEnd to distillate…we can afford this wanderings!!

Ben Saunders wrote this post, it is about him, about the endeavor of being yourself and be conscious about it, it is about not letting your life slip by without noticing..

And, most interesting, it is about be yourself and fight against be selfishly yourself, as personal satisfaction in a job well done or a dream fulfilled may hurt others, may jeopardise relationships…

Question unanswered: are you at the end of the journey a better person? Do you leave behind something, a trail for other to follow? Is it worthwhile, at the end?

I finally managed to receive the first lot of outfits with my clothing label on it, the DMW Dead Man Working (site will follow soon) and, to be fair, I felt strange, a surge of emotion from the depth, a silly mood of satisfaction, I made it…and that energy was perceived, it was real, it was there to stay.

It is worthwhile, all your dreams are, and as Mark Twight said in his comments on the above post, you are not better, but you are a man.

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