Finger food (2)

‘Morning everyone…

Last eve ended up being a very nice way of welcoming Summer ’07: gym, turkish bath and aromarium, a lovely hang out with some new and old friends in a cocktail bar not too far from home in Milan, had the opportunity to discuss about Japan and some work too (by the way, if someone of you knows a good IT professional in Milan, able to set up a new IT layout for a fashion SME, just give me a shout…), had a late dinner and back home under the stars and a steamy night!!!

There we are, simple but effective way to build up a nice morning after…

And it is Friday, and I thought why not going on and about the “finger food” format, some nibbly news, such as:

  • virtual goods are here to stay, above and beyond the lindendollars..
  • a “printed electronic book” or the past can be enhanced by the very future it contributed to create (quite nice the argument about the importance of tradition, is it something we are all oblivious about???);
  • from Dolly to artificial life… and some movie plots may actually become reality!! My asking “why” sounds pointless…
  • the nicest today! Back in the ’50s, style is back on, slow-living and the beauty of art, la Ville Lumiere, all in one move: back on the bike!! Love it, absolutely!!

Plenty more, lots of stuff, such as the fusion, or better still the MashUp of Google Earth and SecondLife, that meaning flying over the “real” world and interact with it, or the fact that Sao Paulo has stripped off all advertising from its walls, opening up debates about the financial impact (on small biz…), or the fact that you allow people to see “how ugly the city really is”, or argumenting over the art form that advertising is (some, maybe, but most of the stuff is utter rubbish…)…

So, there we are, end of the week, things happens, talks make the day, we are potentially all retreating from the noise, sit down and relax. At least for a couple of days!

Enjoy the weekend, Summer is here, let’s celebrate!!!!

  1. fables
    June 22, 2007 at 10:37 31

    Grazie per il tuo commento, diciamo che ce la sto mettendo tutta! Complimenti a te comunque, un inglese impeccabile, magari l’avessi io così.

  2. June 22, 2007 at 10:52 05

    Continua così!!!
    Anni a Londra e una ex moglie inglese a qualcosa pur servono!! si, insomma, via…

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