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First day of summer: new engagements and a bunch of nice ideas..

There we are, again!!!! Finally!!!!

IT IS THE FIRST DAY OF SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which, incidentally, it is also my favorite season.. the beach, warm waters to swim and dive in, long eves, perfumes allover the place, and lots of other nice perks…!!!

Won’t go long on this, yet is about time to plan for a stack of new, nice things to do and plan for, so:

  • my motorbike, the little Honda, is sorted out, ready to roll in full swing!
  • bought a new wet suit, new diving gears and I am ready to try and dive next week end in Tuscany!
  • I have trained a bit on running, I may want to dig into the trail running experience, which will be done in a fortnight!
  • Booked my holidays!!!!!!!!!!! We are talking about a nice three weeks in Japan, travelling around and experiencing the country, the people, the combination of history and technology advances, in a word: great!!!

From the work side, I have been appointed over a new engagement, which will be about competitive environment in the Energy sector, whole of Europe. I am now on the learning stage, reading about the energy market, issues and jargons.. nice to know there is lots of attention over alternative energy production, Kyoto protocols (I will be in Kyoto, eheheheh!!! :-)) and country results: incidentally Italy is appalling in meeting the objectives, some 100 million tons short over Kyoto Objectives (UK is already below the allowance), and we are in good company with our Spanish cousins..

Yet, there will be a heck of things to talk about in the near future, and will make sure the Japan journey is fully recorded… kind of Bruce Chatwin stuff, will buy some black moleskine notepads to go around.. ah, and a new UMTS cell phone, otherwise I will be stranded in the Rising Sun country …!! Nice!!!

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