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Much ado about …. nothing???

The hype, the hype!!!

Millions of newly-born Spielbergs, tons of Oprahs, zillions of dumbs and dumbers made telcos a nice place to be, again.. BizWeek underlines that the traffic generated over the 2.0s sites have made like Jesus to Lazarus.. which is nice, still we are counting endless amounts of money, startling statistics over the creation of a huge stack of rubbish, which is most of the stuff going around the Web today. Yet, there are “intangibles”, aka the super-conscience, the ultra-society that is creating and revamping itself over the Internet, which cannot be valued or measured in evolutionary terms.

So, please welcome the iPhone and the consortium against iPhone, or “Apple vs. Rest of the World”, and cheers to  big guns such as Google, Intel and Yahoo going to battlefield to gain a slice of wireless spectrum, and kudos to the Italian “La Repubblica” newspaper that today distributes the Official Guide to SecondLife, so that all Italians from today onward may get a decent life in virtual world and forget about the current real one..

Someone, sooner or later, will start questioning about the value of all the hyper-kinetic of these days….

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