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The Web, the people and a bearable place to live in…

The Web is a “global knowledge web” nowadays and “is taken for granted”, thus it seems that the world survival depends on it, since on a global scale the elision of Internet would imply to step back massively in mankind evolution and systemic economy. Then, each and every individual may or may not adopt this radical evolution in his daily “routine”. The above ecosystem thus evolves around some pillars: network and connectivity, human interaction and contents, information. The Web as of today is about sharing information, structured or else, amongst actors at the faster possible speed.
This approach could be reinforced if considering the market value of those top level companies that are controlling the main components of the ecosystem, this excluding the “human factor”: TLC (telecommunication) companies, ICT (Information and Communication Technology) manufacturers and content – media companies.
The top five corporations of each sector, considering the market value on New York stock exchange, are weighted around 21-24 months worth of revenues for the TLC and ICT champions, and a staggering 85 months for content – media companies (Source, ITU Internet report).
The above suggest that some technology layers, albeit fundamentals, are increasingly perceived as “commodities” and no longer as competitive differentiators, contents make the “digital blood” of this new global, complex organism, which is unarguably made by individuals making the most out of available technology.
The environment (or the organism) could be further defined as a combination of an open social layer, in which users share and freely communicate “cached” part of their being humans and a digital marketplace to look and cater for goods and services.

IDC defines the digital marketplace as comprising any commerce that takes place on the Internet. In it, more than 1.9 trillion dollars changed hands for goods and services in 2006, equivalent to more than 14% of the United States’ gross domestic product (Source: IDC, ICMM 2007).

The arise of a digital marketplace and the consolidation of a number of factors from a transient influencer position into a systemic conglomerate have strengthen the idea that, along the digital highways, users are linked by “networks” and no longer by sequential relationships. The impact of networks dynamics over interactions is massive.
During the XX century the possibility of the World (mankind, actually) to shrink and thus to augment the level of interconnection between constituencies, parts, units has grown exponentially due to a number of factors, all somewhat related to the ability of people to “get in touch” and “share knowledge”. To some extent and as a controversial assumption, also the two major conflicts have risen attention over countries, communities, cultures never approached or considered before. After the end of fighting, the world has been all connected by the necessity to recreate a bearable environment where to live, together.

Did we accomplish the task?

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