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Italy has got a better IT market and nice ice creams…

Yesterday, the Italian information technology was reported being back to life!!

Nice to know… a report stated the Italian IT market grew in 2006 of around 1.6%, closing to €20bn. These results are directly linked to the economic growth of the past year and a more comprehensive 2003-2006 rebound of the entire Italian productive environment. Questionable. Guess it is more linked to a replacement wave, and also about the evolution of the entire IT ecosystem towards more advanced, interactive based platforms, technology and paradigms (significantly, the lower level was reached in 2002, which to me is the demonstration of an “I don’t know what this is all about, the I do cut down expenditure whilst studying…” approach). But alas, it grows nonetheless.

To be fair, we are still quite far beyond Europe and US, which again where not exactly immune to the global economic turnaround, but rather were more prone to understand the evolution happening underneath our feet, mainly driven by a more “consumer oriented” technology ecosystem. The usual 12 months gap with USA has been extended to 36 months, way too much indeed.

I would then skip over the tottering about the competitive environment we have to foster, the increase in innovation and the utmost important need to parallelise the IT evolution with some pressing national problems, as to stir a new creative environment that will let us develop new and more efficient applications, softwares and so forth.. nevermind the fact that we do not have the financial and cultural environment of, say, a Bay Area and all the moves are up to the largest players instead of leveraging (in a crowd sourcing exercise) the intelligence and drive of some hidden chaps…

However, as those brilliant brains stated, we have to innovate!!!!!!! What an enlightenment, I am so unbelievably sorry I didn’t make it to the presentation…

I believe that most of the aforementioned brains will skip over the fact that, according to data (!!!!), the consumer sector grew by an hefty 8,8%… that should ring some bells…

Instead, services are thought to be our next springboard, without considering that we do not have companies able to deliver IT services in a competitive way, apart from the Italian subs of large multinational companies. Thus, it is not the Italian IT that is service driven, or it will be, but the international market that is service based and may, eventually, offer some bits to the local companies… again, we do not have an IT ecosystem as such, we used to have it, we don’t now, we have been conquered.

Other gems are such old songs as, for example, the much too heard importance of mobile telecoms over fixed, the sliding avalanche of voice services that is making room for value added services and internet connectivity.. innovation? Give us innovative analysis first..

Something that is really worrying is the fall of the information technology within the Public Administration, so much for all the Forums, Symposiums and all those fairgrounds we heard about, in which gurus and PA IT managers were “overselling” a public organisation that, from a technology stand point, was much closer to a Star Trek command deck than the poor, ridiculous infrastructure we have today, in which there is not even a remote sight of some massively distributed electronic identification.. how could you possibly talk about an eSociety if you do not even know who belongs to that society, is beyond belief. What is rather more worrying is the fact that we, Italians, keep on paying a ridiculous amount of money to people that should guide Italy in the Future, and are more inclined to posh up their “governmental experience” with a nice bit of ice creams (from “Repubblica”) maybe also handy made by some well reputed “artigiano”!!! For Whatever God’s sake, leave us alone…

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