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Smarter, dumber, or just faster?

Let’s start from a common ground.. IT.. evolution… and the first hints around of some critical thinking about the Web itself and whether is “all good” or else, at the end…

In particular, the huge availability of information, the ease of access may paradoxically cause an epidemic of dubness , and the Master of Information Google itself is under probing..

That, quite likely, opens up a rather large debate.. my question is not really whether the “knowledge fast-food” that Internet is actually lobotomise people, but whether “countless options” that is the other concept associated (could be) to the Web is provoking a relaxation of some connectivity tissues, in other words limits the stamina, the effort, the will to succeed, the quest for optimum.

With some friends we have been questioning about the “culture of the other option”. There is always an escape route, an alternative, there is always “another”, somewhere. Seems to some of us that there is a tendency to a fast opt-in / opt out, and the society as a whole is accustomed, or better still is becoming accustomed to use partial attention, partial energy, partial efforts, thus avoiding or reorganising the “motivation” scale that has moved mankind across its evolutionary path.

You don’t like it (whatever it is)? No worries, alternatives aplenty!

You don’t understand it? Nevermind, search for other explanations!

Sometimes it seems like a far too large freedom and access to anything may hinder that feeling for the quest, that taste for another step forward, or simply put the necessary effort that every human being has to put into anything valuable.. it is simply too easy to look elsewhere for some pre-cooked solution..  we may get slightly dumber, at the end of it all.. ??

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