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Free time!!!!


We are not machines, we are not programmable, thus we work when our brains have boost, creativity, energy, whatever.. free time, the end result is what counts, not the hours at the desk…

“Corriere della Sera”, an Italian newspaper, states that in USA has been …noticed that most of the long hours at the desk are spent in “presidiating the position”… there is a marvellous book, “Il Deserto dei Tartari”, that should be read as a management text … for the ones in the know, no further comments!!!!

So, bottom line is “work smarter not longer”.. gosh, what a trite thought.. what an obvious statement in a “knowledge society”!!!!

However, nice idea, it would imply a superior management capability, able to plan for results, social interaction amongst employees, mesh and fusion of pieces of work in an unicum highly efficient, and believe me, those kind of managers are not commodity, scarce, rare as a white tiger. It would signify that you trust your people, that your power is no longer anchored to meeting where the manager often distribute pills of wisdom as pigeons their droppings on monuments, it would signify “thinking” and “be managers”.

It is far too hard a call, for the typical manager, trust me… we are still a country in which remote working is not common practice for the HR need to see you at the desk, nevermind understanding the quality of what you do in a shorter time than the usual 8 hours shift…. Nice ideas are often linked to massive cultural changes, so please, don’t try to fool me with these blunders!!!

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