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From eSociety to meSociety and the new 2.0 emotional disturbs

June 27, 2007 2 comments

So, at the end of the game, it is all about a huge amount of Me mixing together.. there is not such a thing as an eSociety but a rather large club of Me, lots of Me, a plethora of identities sticking together, quite randomly in fact.

And the weirdest thing is the arousing of a new set of emotional troubles, of personal inadequacies, of virtual pathologies. I have already met someone that was complaining he/she (let’s keep it a flat assumption for now..) was not able to “compete” (exact word, pure verbatim) with some other “virtual” egos. That is freaky.

It is the absolute contrary of what I have been expecting from this evolution (ahahahahah, nice one, then…), as the absolute freedom and anonymity of the virtual ecosystem would have allowed anyone to interact regardless what we thought was a limit: sex, age, random colors, level of body fat or absence of it, anything that was helpful until that very moment to create barriers.. ah, yes, let’s be up to date, also religion.

But we missed the entire point here: it is not physical, is damn virtual!!! And human beings are confrontational by nature… so now you are “digitally inadequate”!!! You do not blog, you don’t buy on eBay, never been on SecondLife, you do not have avatars, efriends, flickr accounts and the sort? You Looser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can’t survive with 15.659 friends on mySpace, how dare you not to have that amount of useless connections under your belt?? Just a bunch of real friends in the proximity?? Bleah…..

In the meanwhile, whilst writing that, I am chatting away with my dear friend George, who is in this very moment in New Orleans….

You can be choosy also in cyberspace, you can be fully yourself here in virtual world and out, into that scary place called life. The first one, mind. We are all grand, regardless the models that someone or a lot of someones together try and force in our lives. Do whatever you like, and first and foremost enjoy it, and nevermind you avatar!!!

More to come.


Web 2.0, eBeings overload and a big burst??

June 27, 2007 2 comments

The current appearance of Web 2.0 developments is the most “friendly” way to disseminate a much powerful social interaction disruptive advance. From a bit-based interactivity (machine to machine, with humans – including intangibles such as feelings – in the background), the virtual worlds (metaverse) are re-positioning a “simulacra” (avatar) of humanity as the main mean of interaction.

Web forms are transformed into living eBeings.

The main driver, once again, is social interaction. All today top-flyers Web sites are about social interactions, the growth of technology supports (broadband, mobility et alia) is underpinned by the need of more effective social interactions. Virtual worlds represent these trends at their best.

However, as in all technology advance with a significant social impact, there are, and always will be, different layers of adoptions (at the very least for the next decade). Users will be broadly segmented into Systematic Users, who will immediately dig into the new features, swapping massively from legacy technology / social interactions and Critical Users, those who will approach new features as a potential alternative to fit into a consolidated pattern of legacy technology / social interaction.

Today, at least for the “First World” (in Web terms), basic computing technology is embedded into the society as any other “utility”, since it is considered normal to switch on a PC and be able to browse the Internet almost as much as we expect “light” when turning on a switch.

The evolutionary step is about leveraging users’ capability to segment the Web into subnetworks, by interest / community / language or any other user defined filter. This actually causes an uncontrolled (almost) surge of communal conscience, opinions, actions, which are all composed by several, shared and accepted “single” views.

Therefore, today’s Internet champions are those companies and corporations able to create a “working table” for users, and those that are exploiting the “communal conscience” to create or recreate the users’ experience up to their will and desires.

There is a sharp shift in the concept of “value”, “interaction”, and as it seems Internet velocity is a factor to determine evolution of society.

Or is it like someone is arguing about, this is all but a faster way to a “disevolution” of the social canvass, since we are heading towards connection overload, scarce quality and utmost lack of attention???

Guess what? Either way this is all going to change.. which is fun nonetheless!!

We can do better…

June 22, 2007 Leave a comment

As you know, Friday is almost weekend… almost… so you browse around, look at interesting things to read through and take back for the WEnd to distillate…we can afford this wanderings!!

Ben Saunders wrote this post, it is about him, about the endeavor of being yourself and be conscious about it, it is about not letting your life slip by without noticing..

And, most interesting, it is about be yourself and fight against be selfishly yourself, as personal satisfaction in a job well done or a dream fulfilled may hurt others, may jeopardise relationships…

Question unanswered: are you at the end of the journey a better person? Do you leave behind something, a trail for other to follow? Is it worthwhile, at the end?

I finally managed to receive the first lot of outfits with my clothing label on it, the DMW Dead Man Working (site will follow soon) and, to be fair, I felt strange, a surge of emotion from the depth, a silly mood of satisfaction, I made it…and that energy was perceived, it was real, it was there to stay.

It is worthwhile, all your dreams are, and as Mark Twight said in his comments on the above post, you are not better, but you are a man.

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Finger food (2)

June 22, 2007 2 comments

‘Morning everyone…

Last eve ended up being a very nice way of welcoming Summer ’07: gym, turkish bath and aromarium, a lovely hang out with some new and old friends in a cocktail bar not too far from home in Milan, had the opportunity to discuss about Japan and some work too (by the way, if someone of you knows a good IT professional in Milan, able to set up a new IT layout for a fashion SME, just give me a shout…), had a late dinner and back home under the stars and a steamy night!!!

There we are, simple but effective way to build up a nice morning after…

And it is Friday, and I thought why not going on and about the “finger food” format, some nibbly news, such as:

  • virtual goods are here to stay, above and beyond the lindendollars..
  • a “printed electronic book” or the past can be enhanced by the very future it contributed to create (quite nice the argument about the importance of tradition, is it something we are all oblivious about???);
  • from Dolly to artificial life… and some movie plots may actually become reality!! My asking “why” sounds pointless…
  • the nicest today! Back in the ’50s, style is back on, slow-living and the beauty of art, la Ville Lumiere, all in one move: back on the bike!! Love it, absolutely!!

Plenty more, lots of stuff, such as the fusion, or better still the MashUp of Google Earth and SecondLife, that meaning flying over the “real” world and interact with it, or the fact that Sao Paulo has stripped off all advertising from its walls, opening up debates about the financial impact (on small biz…), or the fact that you allow people to see “how ugly the city really is”, or argumenting over the art form that advertising is (some, maybe, but most of the stuff is utter rubbish…)…

So, there we are, end of the week, things happens, talks make the day, we are potentially all retreating from the noise, sit down and relax. At least for a couple of days!

Enjoy the weekend, Summer is here, let’s celebrate!!!!

First day of summer: new engagements and a bunch of nice ideas..

June 21, 2007 Leave a comment

There we are, again!!!! Finally!!!!

IT IS THE FIRST DAY OF SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which, incidentally, it is also my favorite season.. the beach, warm waters to swim and dive in, long eves, perfumes allover the place, and lots of other nice perks…!!!

Won’t go long on this, yet is about time to plan for a stack of new, nice things to do and plan for, so:

  • my motorbike, the little Honda, is sorted out, ready to roll in full swing!
  • bought a new wet suit, new diving gears and I am ready to try and dive next week end in Tuscany!
  • I have trained a bit on running, I may want to dig into the trail running experience, which will be done in a fortnight!
  • Booked my holidays!!!!!!!!!!! We are talking about a nice three weeks in Japan, travelling around and experiencing the country, the people, the combination of history and technology advances, in a word: great!!!

From the work side, I have been appointed over a new engagement, which will be about competitive environment in the Energy sector, whole of Europe. I am now on the learning stage, reading about the energy market, issues and jargons.. nice to know there is lots of attention over alternative energy production, Kyoto protocols (I will be in Kyoto, eheheheh!!! :-)) and country results: incidentally Italy is appalling in meeting the objectives, some 100 million tons short over Kyoto Objectives (UK is already below the allowance), and we are in good company with our Spanish cousins..

Yet, there will be a heck of things to talk about in the near future, and will make sure the Japan journey is fully recorded… kind of Bruce Chatwin stuff, will buy some black moleskine notepads to go around.. ah, and a new UMTS cell phone, otherwise I will be stranded in the Rising Sun country …!! Nice!!!

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A cyber passport to travel … in metaverses!! What’s next??

June 18, 2007 Leave a comment

Somewhere, in all these posts, I actually suggested that someone will have eventually thought about the idea to search for avatars, instead of people ( or information (google and friends…)… Now that could become reality pretty soon, since IBM suggested to transport avatars from metaverse to metaverse, using a sort of virtual passport.

Nice idea, despite the fact that your online privacy would be shattered to pieces: do you really want someone to track you even in your jumping over cyber hyperspace??? do you really want someone to track you in real world and in virtual as well??

Yet, this “passport thing” may be an interesting idea as you could virtually put together and migrate experiences from different worlds, populate metaverse with creations and ideas, cross fertilise the cyber universe but.. who’s going to provide the standards? Who’s going to accept intrusions? Who’s going to be defeated in a sort of cyber supremacy??? Or will ever mankind be able to accept this new level of complexity (given the exponential growth of interactions level amongst networks and people)?

And, most of all, do we really need this???

Do something, in the meanwhile…

June 15, 2007 Leave a comment

By the way, we better start seriously thinking about the SecondLife, the first one seems heading in a bog…

Why not fixing this issue first, and then start jumping all over the place for the billions of zillions of dollars that Web 2.0 guarantees to everyone involved?? Laughable assessment..